Which Dyson do I have? Here is why you need to know 2022

Which Dyson do I have: A necessity when looking for buying spares or cleaning advice. Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are some of the best you can buy right now, as its models offer powerful suction, large dust canisters, and, in the case of its cordless vacuums, long-lasting batteries.

However, they aren’t cheap, so you’ll want to keep them in tip-top condition by changing filters and following cleaning instructions to the letter. However, Dyson offers a wide range of different designs including upright vacuums and cordless vacuums, which can mean you’re following the correct cleaning instructions or ordering the right spare part. , which is complicated.

Chances are there are instruction manuals and receipts that can tell you exactly which Dyson you have tucked away in a drawer or closet because it’s not something you need to touch very often.

However, before you root through piles of paperwork trying to find it, we can show you an easy way to find out which Dyson you have and keep them clean and tidy. They can facilitate working to the best of their ability.

Why do I need to know which Dyson I have?

Knowing which Dyson you have is important when it comes to following cleaning instructions, but it’s also important when it comes to ordering spare parts.

For example, while Dyson’s newer vacuums have washable filters that don’t need to be replaced, older models must have filters replaced every 12 months. Replacements can be purchased from the Dyson website but you will need to know the exact model you have to do this.

So how do I find out which Dyson I have?

Alternatively, if you have a newer model, like the Dyson V15 Detect, you can buy an extra filter so you can use the vacuum while the original filter is drying after cleaning – Dyson recommends That you leave it to dry. for 24 hours.

Some Dyson vacuum cleaners also come with replaceable batteries which means that if you buy an extra battery, you’ll ensure that there are fewer interruptions to your cleaning sessions as you’re fully charged. A rechargeable battery can be easily replaced.

Again, you’ll need to know which model you have to ensure you purchase the correct battery.

Finally, knowing your model number is also important if you want to purchase, or replace any tool or attachment or schedule a repair.

So how do I find out which Dyson I have?

The easiest way to discover which Dyson you have is to look at the vacuum itself, as the model is printed on the appliance along with the serial number (more on why this is important later).

Exactly where depends, of course, on the design of the vacuum, which means it can be a bit complicated. On the majority of Dyson’s newer cordless vacuums, this is usually printed on the underside of the battery, although if the battery is replaceable you may need to remove it first to be able to read the serial number.

However, this is not the case for all cordless vacuums, including the brand’s handheld devices.

So how do I find out which Dyson I have?

On some models, it can be found behind the dust box (if it is removable), on the main body of the appliance, or even under the handle.

While for upright and cylinder vacuums, the model number is sometimes located on the bottom of the vacuum but can also be on the back of the clean dust canister (if it has one) or under the process where the extension tube is secured.

However, once you get the model number to register your vacuum cleaner on the My Dyson section of the Dyson website, it’s probably easier, and then you can check the model number whenever you want. without reaching it. space

Go to Dyson.com (opens in a new tab), Dyson.co.uk (opens in a new tab), or Dyson.com.au (opens in a new tab) and select My Dyson from the options at the top of the screen Select the You’ll be asked to enter your email address and password, then you’ll need to enter the vacuum’s serial number.

As we have already mentioned, the serial number is printed on the vacuum cleaner in the same place as the model number. In some instances, the same model number is used for several variants. From personal experience, I discovered that the model number DC58 refers to the Dyson V6 range,

which comes with a wand and floor head, as well as the DC58 handheld cleaner, which ships with other tools and attachments. However, by registering your vacuum, you’ll always be able to see at a glance which model number it is and if you have the corresponding type. You will also know how much time is left in your warranty.

Either way, you’ll always be able to access information without sifting through mountains of paperwork.


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