The Ingenious Table Expands When It Is Turned

George Johnson’s walnut table is already a beautiful piece of furniture. But when he turns it clockwise, something amazing happens.

The intelligent round table is designed so that six sections expand radially by rotating it. Think of it like a pizza with six slices that all move away from the center at the same time, leaving a gap between them.

The Ingenious Table Expands When It Is Turned

The hexagonal center piece and extension leaves slide out of the table when there is enough space to accommodate them. Then it’s just a matter of opening the leaves and rotating the table the other way around to tighten the new setup. Viola, a big table. Returning the table to its original size simply involves following these steps in reverse.

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Johnson’s YouTube channel offers several versions of the table made from different woods, as well as a look inside his workshop. The latter provides a really cool view of the underlying mechanics of the expansion table.


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