Tiger Lake family expands with two new releases from Intel

Two new releases from Intel: An i5 and an i7 have now arrived. Two new chips have just joined Intel’s family of 11th-generation mobile processors.

The manufacturer quietly released the new Intel Core i7-11390H and i5-11320H, bringing its Tiger Lake roster to 33 (excluding the Xeon W processors that also launched in Q2’21).

Tiger Lake, which debuted in late 2020, is Intel’s second 10nm microarchitecture to make it to consumer laptops, with Ice Lake being the first. However, unlike Ice Lake, it comes with Intel Xe graphics which gives a massive boost in graphics performance, further improvements to the 10nm process with the all-new SuperFin process tech, and Thunderbolt 4 support.

The new i7-11390H and i5-11320H variants have it all. As Tom’s Hardware (opens in new tab) reports, both four cores and eight threads as well as DDR4-3200, LPDDR4x-4267, and AVX-512 (opens in new tab) accelerate AI workloads. Boasting instructions to do. Like the i7-11370H, i5-1135G7, and i7-11375H chips that came before them.

The i7-11390H, however, offers a 5GHz turbo frequency while the i5-11320H tops out at 4.5GHz. It also gets 12MB of cache over the i5’s 8MB, and 1.4GHz graphics frequency over the i5’s 1.35GHz.

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Tiger Lake family expands with two new releases from Intel

Performance and features of Tiger Lake

In addition to incorporating Intel Xe graphics, which offer much better performance than 10th generation graphics, Tiger Lake also comes with SuperFin Process Tech that boosts power efficiency and raw performance. As a result, laptops equipped with these 11th-generation chips not only perform faster and better but also generally have better battery life.

Tiger Lake is also the first platform to support Thunderbolt 4, which provides much faster connection speeds and support for USB 4.0.

The new i7-11390H and i5-11320H shouldn’t fall far from the tree in terms of power, though we’ll have to wait and see how they perform in the real world and stand out from the rest of the lineup.


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