The 7 Best Pergola Designs You Can Build

Pergola Designs, the decoration of the famous architectural garden during the Italian Renaissance, may be a welcome respite from the midday summer sun. At its heart, the pergola is simple: made of strong planks and cross beams, it is touched with nets and sometimes grapes. With the right materials and guidance, they are easy to build. What we’ve shown here starts with these basics and sparks some creativity. They can even encourage you to make your pergola!

Pergola over floating deck

Pergola over floating deck, Pergola Designs

This beautiful pergola of Jane Wood House is built on the floating back deck. The pergola was made using a Simpson strong tie bracket, which made the building process straight and simple. There is no galvanized steel bracket or deck screw in sight. See instructions for building a pergola here.

Hot tub cover

Robin Dobb and his family live in southwestern Ontario, Canada, where winters are cold and summers are hot and humid. They wanted both shade and air, so their cedar pergola has lower panels that open to the air or closes for more privacy. And coup de grâce: a hot tub with the shadow of a mini sphere. Instead of waiting for the bulls to grow, Dobbs covered the top of his pergola with a tan shade that cuts 65 percent of UV. “It was the final touch for us,” Robin said.

Patio division

As a home-building project, a pergola seemed less terrifying than a covered courtyard, so Tim Roberts created this 8 x 12-foot beauty in his Oklahoma backyard. He found the construction to be cheap and did not interfere with the house, guttering, or ceiling. He used 6 x 6-foot pieces of treated wood, concrete, lug bolts, and nuts, none of which required maintenance. This bold color comes from the use of keyboard timber oil. And hanging baskets and oxen turn the pergola into a gigantic trail.

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Mediterranean heat

This U-shaped fir pergola revolves beautifully around a Jacuzzi in Phoenix, Ore. Patricia Orsini and Wolfgang Platzer saved the nails and changed only a few patches in its construction. Instead, they paired it with well-cut joints. The pergola has a 14-foot concrete sealed base that mimics Italian terracotta, a Mediterranean theme that complements the Stoke House. On one side is a wall of freestanding nets for privacy. The texture will improve with age: the fur does not have seals and stains, which means it will weather over time. And honeymoon bulls are hard to see now, but they are growing. Orsini believes that the pergola generates heat around the tub.

Garage gateway

On top of Margaret Lipton’s Bell, 20 x 10-foot pergola in Westchester, NY. A tour of his garage house from. What used to be an open deck is now a peaceful haven behind a busy street, where Limestone has breakfast with her family. Limit one wanted to keep the design simple, so she chose the top beam with a wide beam base and decorative kits on their hints. Pressure-treated wood has not needed any care in the last 30 years, except for shaking off the leaves that fall from the beams.

Cocktail Enclosure

Cocktail Enclosure

With outdoor kitchens, beer taps, and wine refrigerators, the pergola attached to only one location in the backyard of Denise St. Pierre at State College, Pa. St. Pierre, was missing, using a kit purchased online Decided He assembled his 20 x 20-foot pergola in one afternoon. “If you have enough patience and the right tools,” says St. Pierre, “anyone can.” After three years and a few hanging plants, St. Pierre’s Pergola still looks great.

Rain respite

This 9 x 6-foot pergola is made of vinyl instead of wood, which is weather-resistant and requires very little maintenance. It has a brick floor and walkway that leads to Jinx and John Young’s backyard to Sinking Springs, another yard in Pa. He hired a contractor to make his $ 7,000 picnic spot landscaped and a place for family gatherings. “There’s just something extra for the backyard,” says John Young.


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