Robot Salamander Creeps Like a Real Amphibian

Robot Salamander Creeps: EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne, has built a robot that mimics a salamander on both land and water. Amphibian movement and neuroprosthetic devices for paraplegic and amputee patients will benefit from the robot.

EPFL scientists dubbed their invention the Pleurobot after the Pleurodeles wall, commonly known as the Spanish ribbed newt. The EPFL’s robotic salamander isn’t the first of its kind, but it is the first to use the newt’s skeleton to move in three dimensions. EPFL scientists monitored 64 places on the newt’s skeleton while it moved in water and on land using x-ray footage of a salamander from the top and side.

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For Auke Jan Ijspeert, the EPFL project leader, “what is innovative is essentially our strategy to constructing Pleurobot.” Designing an efficient bone structure while also mimicking the salamander’s three-dimensional locomotion is critical.” 3D-printed bones, motorized joints, and a nervous system-like electronic circuitry are all features of the Pleurobot.

Robot Salamander Creeps Like a Real Amphibian

In spite of the Pleurobot’s lack of bones, it makes up for it with 27 distinct motors. When it comes to simulating animal motions, certain simplicity is essential, as Ijspeert and his colleagues observed. Pleurodont creator Kostas Karakasilliotis explains that animal mobility is “an intrinsically complicated process.” he adds. To comprehend and replicate it, we use modern methods like cineradiography, 3D printing, and high-performance computers.”

The connection between electrical stimulation of the newt’s spinal cord and its mobility is essential to the Pleurobot. Future neurological research will benefit, in the opinion of Ijspeert, from his efforts to duplicate this system in humans, particularly in the areas of the arms and legs.


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