Review of Dell UltraSharp U4320Q

Dell UltraSharp U4320Q: A really great productivity display, ideal for professionals with pretty deep pockets. The UltraSharp range from Dell Technologies is designed with designers and content creators in mind, but any professional setup will benefit from it. High level of performance on offer.

The 42.5-inch U4320Q (opens in new tab) is the largest flat-screen display in the range, and it’s every bit as imposing as it sounds. Even with the lack of curvature, this really massive monitor feels like it wraps around your workstation, helping to eliminate any distractions.

The display offers 4K resolution, excellent color quality, and range, USB-C connectivity with power delivery, and is also height-adjustable, which Dell claims is a first for a monitor of this size. A decent range of connectivity options and generous screen real estate also means you can watch content from up to four different devices simultaneously using the picture-in-picture and picture-to-picture (PIP/PBP) options.

However, while it’s nice to have enough screen to play with, the assumption that bigger is always better doesn’t necessarily hold up when it comes to desktop monitors. Naturally, the distance you can put between yourself and the screen is limited by the depth of your desk (opens in a new tab), which can be a problem for those working outside of a modest home office. (Opens in new tab).

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Price and availability

As you can imagine, a display of this size and quality doesn’t come particularly cheap. It’s currently available for £811.20/$934.99 (opens in new tab), though that’s 20% off the MSRP of $1,149.99. In Australia, the U4320Q is currently not available at a discount and comes in at AU$1,414.

Dell UltraSharp U4320Q: Design and features

The U4320Q combines a slate gray base and slim black bezel for a smart and professional aesthetic that’s Dell-like. The unusual design and color scheme means this monitor will look at home in any office setting. One of the most valuable design aspects is the monitor’s range of motion. The U4320Q is adjustable up to 60mm in height, tilts from -5° to 10°, and swivels from -20° to 20°.

The weight of the large display means many manufacturers forego height adjustment altogether, so the U4320Q’s ability to reposition itself to a very comfortable height and tilt should be celebrated. The generous swivel also makes collaboration with colleagues a little easier, if and when you return to the office.

That said, this 42.5-inch display can feel a bit large at times, especially if your desk isn’t deep enough to accommodate its size. To use the full range of the screen, you’ll often find yourself craning your neck, which isn’t ideal.

The U4320Q’s build quality is largely excellent, barring a few minor gripes. Although there is slight movement when the monitor is raised to its full height due to vigorous typing, the movement is largely imperceptible. And at any other height, the screen stays level all the time. The square base is both small and sturdy, though it comes at the cost of maneuverability. With a weight of 17.6 kg, the U4320Q is no joke to shift, so you may need to enlist the help of a colleague or friend.

Design and features

Our main problem with the design is that accessing the majority of ports is a nightmare. While the USB-A and USB-C ports on the bottom are placed on the side for easy access, the rest of the connectors sit at the back in a downward-facing direction. Given the size of the display, you have to pull it quite far from the wall before the swivel gives you adequate access to the ports.

The four buttons on the bottom of the monitor also feel too small and cheap to the touch, which can make menus a little clumsy. We often found ourselves accidentally exiting the menu system by pressing the wrong button.


The U4320Q delivers on its core promise. To provide a crisp and beautiful display that is ideal for long sessions and tasks that demand precision, such as photo and video editing. Color quality is superb, with a depth of 1.07 billion colors and sRGB coverage of 96%, and the 3,840 x 2,160px resolution is surprisingly sharp despite the panel’s size.

While the display isn’t exactly designed for gamers, it will still do the job in a pinch. Its performance as a gaming monitor is limited by its low 60Hz refresh rate, so you won’t want to use it if you’re serious about competitive multiplayer, but the display’s Quality will still make your games. Pop

Changing the layout configuration is also extremely easy, thanks to the accompanying software, Dell Display Manager. The bazillion available presets allow you to divide your screen however you like, but you can also create a custom layout if your needs aren’t already met.

This feature is especially useful if you have applications that grow in a particular direction. For example, you’re writing code in a thin and tall section of the screen, along with other areas assigned to your email inbox, Slack window, and social media feed.

The U4320Q also allows you to watch content from up to four different devices simultaneously, thanks to picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes. This can be especially useful for streamers and editors who can benefit from fully utilizing the performance of two or more devices.

The main issue here is that you obviously can’t operate all devices with the same set of peripherals unless you have a Logitech MX Master 3  or something similar. A wireless product allows you to quickly switch between devices. From within Dell Display Manager, you can also manage inputs, assign keyboard shortcuts, tweak brightness, change resolution, and more, all using physical buttons. Much easier than making identical changes.

The U4320Q is equipped with a blue light filter, which can be a lifesaver if you struggle with headaches (like this reviewer) or sit at your desk for hours every day. Dell’s exclusive brand of eye-protecting technology, called ComfortView, is said to filter out 60% of harmful blue light, and we found it to be effective at preventing headaches and eyestrain. I have helped.

However, ComfortView gives the display a fairly strong orange tint. While this is relatively common and you get used to it after a while, the difference here is more pronounced than with the blue light filters we’ve sampled. We also found that fast scrolling leaves an ugly white mark with this mode activated.


The U4320Q is a stunning display that should be considered by those with deep pockets and plenty of desk space. This 4K panel is seriously crisp, with a deep color gamut and relatively high pixel density, making it ideal for tasks like video or photo editing (opens in new tab).

However, one of this monitor’s standout attributes, its size, can also count against it in some scenarios. If you’re not able to position yourself far enough, you’ll find yourself twisting your neck from left to right to access the full range of the screen, which can cause problems in the long run.


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