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A complete SEO suite with good price points and a great web index. Ahrefs goes all-in on managing and growing your online presence, with industry-leading link indexes, powerful features, and tons of resources to get you started.

Since its initial release in 2011, Ahrefs (opens in a new tab) has quickly become one of the most popular SEO tools (opens in a new tab) on the market and is used by web developers and content creators worldwide. Used by the creators of Online presence. Current notable clients include Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, and eBay.

Ahrifs points out that it has the largest backlink index of any SEO tool—over 295 billion indexed pages, and over 16 trillion backlinks. As if that’s not enough, toss in an upgraded keyword explorer, competition monitoring tools, and a serious amount of user documentation, and it’s clear to see why Ahrafs can be the tool to go for. What you need to rank better and increase your traffic.

Ahraf: Plans and Prices

Ahraf: Plans and Prices

Ahrefs offers four plans at a discount, with monthly billing, along with an annual billing option. Ahrefs Lite is the least expensive option and costs $99 per month. Standard and Advanced profiles come in at $199 and $399, respectively, while Enterprise subscriptions cost $999 per month. Annual billing comes with a 16% discount (two months free). There is no free trial, but it is recommended to sign up for Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, which is free for website owners and offers functionality to improve SEO performance.

Plan access to features such as a number of users and projects, progress, date range, monthly reports, frequency of updates, and depth of analysis. More expensive plans offer a large number of SERP updates per month, as well as increasingly frequent alerts for new and lost links, web mentions, and keyword movement. All plans provide access to the entire Ahrefs product suite.

Ahrefs: Features

Ahrefs has all the tools you need to find and grow your online presence. A central dashboard gives an overview of your project’s ranking, traffic, and backlinking. From the landing page, then easily access each of the five basic character elements, outlined below:

Site Explorer

Before moving into keyword analysis, Ahraf started with Site Explorer. The result is one of their most robust and useful tools. From one page, you can see organic traffic, backlinks, and relevant keyword information. Also, check competitors’ advertising strategies and rankings per keyword with paid traffic and organic keyword research. In essence, Site Explorer is about understanding your position relative to others—and then taking advantage of the opportunities.

Keyword Explorer

Knowing which keywords are important to your domain is critical to increasing growth. So it follows that Ahrefs provides a complete suite of keyword research tools. Includes innovative metrics to help you make better decisions. Clickstream data, for example, allows you to better understand how users interact with relevant search engine results pages. To top it all off, Ahrefs’ data comes from 10 major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Amazon.

Site audit

Site audit

Beginners looking to manage multiple sites and agencies will find Site Audit useful, as it crawls your domains in real-time to spot errors and opportunities. An added advantage is that it is cloud-based, freeing up computer resources. Site Audit benefits you by allowing you to quickly find broken links, 404s and redirect chains with details on page speed or social tags. Additionally, by taking advantage of powerful filters, you’ll target specific problems and see recommended solutions.

Rank Tracker

Another feature is the Rank Tracker which lets you track changes in keyword visibility and traffic. It can compare your performance with competitors, and also easily monitor how your content is displayed to users. For example, search elements like Google’s featured snippets show content relevant to your site at the top of the search page. Rank Tracker tells you which elements to focus on so you can optimize your content, including those that represent opportunities for better visibility.

Content Explorer

Content Explorer

Content Explorer opens access to Ahrefs’ massive web index, second only to Google with more than 1.1 billion indexed sites. Using powerful filters lets you explore web content and identify growth opportunities. For example, go ahead, target high-performing pages and analyze the similarities between them, or find topics with little or no competition—but with high potential. In essence, Content Explorer enables you to take advantage of the web’s content to help your site stay relevant.

Ahrefs: Interface and In Use

Ahrefs: Interface and In Use

Like a lot of software these days, Ahrefs is used through a web browser, and we like the robust online interface, but it doesn’t have a dedicated desktop program or smartphone app. The web app packs a lot of information into each page, explaining the main features available through handy info bubbles. You can rely on the dashboard to give you an overview of your projects, with each of the five core components having its own landing page. Finally, most elements provide more information through clickable links that make them interactive for more insight into many graphs, charts, and metrics.

Character: Support

Ahrifs has customer service that customers report is friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable. This is especially important for products with high information density, especially for startups and small businesses. Unfortunately, there is no telephone number listed, but in-app chat and email support are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

No in-person or online training is offered, but a wealth of useful documentation is available for both beginners and power users. A help center contains over 300 articles on various topics, organized into categories. The Ahrefs YouTube channel and onsite blog include video tutorials such as “SEO Checklist: How to Get More Organic Traffic (Full Tutorial)”, and guidance on SEO best practices. Finally, Ahrifs Academy has online video courses for marketing and blogging ranging from basic content for beginners to certification courses for more advanced users.

Ahrefs: The competition

Ahrefs offers similar functionality to other major SEO tools like SEMrush and Moz, and they all offer similar price points for basic plans. While Ahrifs has historically been the more expensive option, recent pricing updates have brought it in line with its competitors.

Carefully consider which features and data limits work best for your budget, as different products prioritize different features at different prices. SEMrush’s basic plan, for example, offers up to 10x page crawls, but unlike the latter, there’s no API access or historical data.

Pros and Cons of Ahrefs SEO platform


  • +Largest and fastest commercial web link index
  • +Documentation, free tutorials, and knowledgeable user support
  • +Advanced filtering tools for power users


  • No desktop or mobile apps
  • API integration needs improvement
  • Lacks direct phone support

Ahraf: Final decision

Boasting a number of powerful features that help set it apart, Ahrefs includes a proprietary web crawler that’s second only to Google in size and speed. With a wide range of related products at similar price points, best-in-class link analysis, powerful research tools, and knowledgeable user support, Ahrefs provides a better understanding of your domain with the goal of improving its online presence. becomes one of the best options.


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