People Want to Rail Against The AI Mascot Samsung Rejected

People Want to Rail Against The AI Mascot Samsung Rejected: Unexpectedly, Samsung has been making headlines lately because everyone is cooing over a new mascot character that was designed just for the company. These graphics were designed by a design studio known as Light farm in collaboration with a marketing company that is owned by Samsung; nevertheless, the finished product was never included in any form of campaign. Instead, the photographs were kept on the Light farm site for some time before the firm decided to delete the post and remove all of the images.

Because of an unexpected surge in popularity over the holiday weekend, Samantha Samsung continues to exist in modern culture. She has bright eyes and a bubbly personality, and her favorite things to do are listen to music on her Samsung phone, browse app stores, and text her friends. She is also the new object of affection for what seems like the entirety of the internet, which developed a crush on her seemingly overnight.

Rail Against The AI Mascot Samsung Rejected

The internet produced a great deal of content relating to Samsung throughout the long weekend. The “rule34” subreddit is completely overrun with content that is suggestive of Samantha, and much of it should not be viewed while at work. Additionally, she is making a name for herself on TikTok. It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock that she’s so popular because her character design is endearing; imagine a Persona character with a Pixar twist, and you’ll get the idea.

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Bixby, Samsung’s answer to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, is already built into the company’s smartphones. It’s like Simits is likely popular because we don’t have to deal with her daily or see her used in a never-ending stream of viral marketing initiatives. We won’t ever have to tell Samantha Samsung “Silence, brand,” and she won’t ever surprise us with a note from your phone. Neither of those things will ever happen. It’s also possible that this is just another example of the internet being unexpectedly fixated on a female character to the point where it takes over the cultural zeitgeist.


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