How to Properly Dispose of Tires

When you get new Tires for your car, the tire shop may dispose of your old ones for you. In many circumstances, the disposal price is factored into the overall cost of installing new tires. You may have to pay an additional fee—typically less than $25 per tire—but the ease of not having to transport old Tires around for disposal is likely well worth it.

However, before you let the store remove your tires, you should establish whether they intend to recycle them or dispose of them in a landfill. Instead, in the latter scenario, seek a tire recycling center and recycle the tires yourself.

For a price, some stores will dispose of old tires.

Even if you are not purchasing new tires but need to dispose of old ones, certain companies, such as tire shops and auto parts stores, will dispose of your tires. Tire disposal rates vary depending on your location and the merchant you pick, but the average fee is between $5 and $20 per tire.

You may need to contact a few nearby merchants to find one that will accept old tires. When you phone about, make sure to ask any merchants that provide disposal services if the tires will be recycled or disposed of in a landfill. Find a store that recycles tires to lessen your environmental effect.

Tires may be recycled for free at specialized recycling locations.

Your county or municipality may offer a specialist recycling center where you may drop off tires and other materials that require special handling, such as electronics or hazardous garbage. Whether you don’t know where your nearest recycling facility is (or if this service is even available in your region), look up “tire disposal near me,” “free tire disposal near me,” or “where can I dispose of tires for free.” Local government offices may also be able to provide assistance in person or by phone.

If you intend to change your vehicle’s tires yourself, first examine the sidewalls of your old tires to ensure that the replacements you buy are the proper type and size for your vehicle.

Tires may be disposed of via junk removal services.

Rather than looking for a place to dispose of tires and bring them yourself to a recycling center, you may contact a rubbish removal business. A rubbish removal service will come to your home and remove any tires, saving you time and effort.

Many garbage removal businesses offer recycling services, so cooperating with them will still allow you to keep your tires out of a landfill. However, before having the tires taken away, clarify this with the individual business you’re contemplating utilizing.

Repurpose used tires for a variety of outdoor tasks.

Rather than fretting about how to dispose of them, try upcycling used tires for home improvement projects. Here are some suggestions for reusing your old tires.

  • Build a tire swing
  • Construct a climbing tower.
  • To prevent weed development, make rubber mulch.
  • Make a basic raised garden bed with your own hands.
  • Make end tables or chairs.
  • Make planters for your plants.
  • Make one-of-a-kind yard art.
  • Create a little sandbox.

Remember to clean the tire before beginning your tire upcycling project (s). Dirt and grime may be removed with a pressure washer. If required, use a non-toxic degreaser to remove any grease or sludge that may have remained after pressure washing.


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