Here are all Poketwo Discord Bot commands

Poketwo: Discord is a platform where people can come together and enjoy the things they love. This has led to numerous communities’ rise in different things like games, movies, commerce, etc. To support and help these communities, Discord has simplified the ability to create and add bots. One such bot is the Pokito Discord bot. With this bot, you can start your Pokemon adventures right inside the Discord server. In this guide, I will show you all the Poketwo Discord Bot commands.


Here is a list of Poketwo Discord commands you can use on your servers.

Here is a list of Poketwo Discord commands you can use on your Servers.

The start of your adventure

  1. p!start – Starts your Pokemon adventure.
  2. p!pick – Pick your starter Pokemon.
  3. p!help – Displays a list of Poketwo commands.

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Pokemon related commands

  • p!catch or p!c – Catches wild Pokemon when spawned.
  • p!Hint or p!h – Gives a hint about a wild Pokemon.
  • p!pokemon – Displays Pokemon with their Pokemon number.
  • p!shinyhunt – Targets Pokemon for a Shiny. Once you catch this Pokemon, your chances of getting a shiny will gradually increase.
  • p!Evolve – Evolves your Pokemon if its requirements are met.
  • p!nickname – Set a nickname for your current Pokemon.
  • p!order – Sorts your Pokemon list in a selected order. Note, Number ranks Pokemon by order, not by Pokédex number. P! Select – Sets your active Pokemon to the input number.
  • p!pokedex – Shows all caught and captured Pokemon for that player.
  • p!release – Releases this Pokemon.
  • p!releaseall – Release all your Pokemon.
  • p!unmega – Changes a mega evolution. Primal is considered Megas.
  • p!info – Get information about all your Pokemon.

Pokemon battles with other users

  • p!battle <@User> or p!duel <@User> – Battle the user you @’d.
  • Add p!battle – Add up to 3 Pokemon to fight.
  • p!battle cancel – Cancels the current battle.
  • p!learn – Lets your Pokemon learn a move from available.
  • p!moveinfo – Displays information about a particular move.
  • p!moves – Displays the current moveset and available moves for your active Pokemon.
  • p!moveset – Shows all the moves for your Pokemon and how to get them.

Misc :

  • p!auction – Change the auction channel.
  • p!daily or p!vote – If the player votes for the Poketwo Discord Bot on, they receive a mystery box.
  • p!embedcolor – Changes the embed colors of your current Pokemon if it has embed colors.
  • p!event – Checks for any current event information.
  • p!next or p!n & p!back or p!b – Scrolls to the next and previous page when viewing multiple page items.
  • p!open [amt] – Opens boxes with specified rarity and amount (amt). p!prefix – Changes the default command prefix to a user-supplied value.
  • p!profile – Displays the player profile.
  • p!seversilence – Disables level-up messages on the server. The bot will DM you for the same.
  • p!time – Specifies the time of day.
  • These were all the commands for the Pockito Discard bot. This list is not complete yet as the more you play the more commands will be unlocked. I will update the list in the coming future. Hope, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Discard Chip Boot Commands and its usage.


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