Overwatch 2: Best Heroes For Valorant Players To Use 2022

These are the 3 best heroes in Overwatch 2 that Valorant players can easily use. A few Overwatch 2 heroes are great for Valorant players and should be easy to use. Many of Valorant’s agents are closely inspired by the original Overwatch. Be it in their appearance or in their abilities. So in this guide let’s check out the 3 best heroes you can use in Overwatch 2 if you play Valorant.

3 Best Overwatch 2 Heroes that Valorant Players should Use

3 Best Overwatch 2 Heroes that Valorant Players should Use

These are heroes whose abilities are very similar to their heroic counterparts.

  • Wrapper for omen players
  • Junkrat for Raze players
  • Hanzo for Sowa Players

Below are all the abilities, which are exactly, or almost the same for both heroes. So these characters should be more or less easy to use in the next game even if you’ve played before.


Shadow Step: Oman’s shrouded step is greatly affected by this ability. Be it in the name or how it works. Reaper can use Shadow Step to mark a destination and teleport himself there.


  • Concussion Mine: This works the same as Raze players use with Blast Packs. Junkrat can place his concussion mines and use them to damage enemies and push them away or send them flying upwards. Or you can use the Concussion Mine to propel or launch yourself into the air.
  • RIP-Tire: Junkrat’s Ultimate also has many similarities with Showstopper. But instead of launching rockets, Junkrat uses motorized tire bombs. This tire can also climb over walls and obstacles. Junkrat also has to decide whether to manually detonate it remotely or let it detonate on its own.

Hanzo – The best Overwatch 2 hero for brave players

Sonic Arrow: Suwa’s Recon Bolt is very similar to Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow. The only major difference is Hanzo’s ability doesn’t bounce arrows. In addition, both abilities appear to any player who comes within its detection range.
Dragon Strike: Suva’s Hunter Fury also has many similarities to Dragon Strike. This is a one-time move, unlike Hunter Fury’s three shots. But while it may only be one shot it does a lot of damage to its targets in its path. And while both abilities are capable of going through walls, Dragon Strike has infinite travel distance.


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