NBA 2K21: Best Jumpshot for highest green window 2022

With NBA 2K21 launching new and improved gaming features every year, the level of competition is rapidly increasing. However, one area of ​​the game that has always stumped players (both old and new) is trying to find the perfect jump shot animation for their MyPlayer.

Shooting has been a constant struggle in NBA 2K21, as fans have seemingly had to either settle for mediocre strokes or learn to adapt. Or spend hours trying to tinker with release points trying to find the perfect mix. Regardless, finding the right jump shot for the greenest window is no easy task, which is why we’ve come up with our 3 best jump shots in NBA 2k21.

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NBA 2K21: The best jump shot for the greenest window

When it comes to the best jump shots for the greenest window in NBA 2K21, you’ll want to consider release point, timing, balance, ease of use, and overall effectiveness. Considering these key factors, we’ve come up with 3 of the best jump shots in NBA 2K21 depending on your specific build, position, and play style.

Best overall jump shot: 47/GAY/BRYANT 

  • Base: Jump Shot 47
  • Release 1: Rudy Gay
  • Release 2: Kobe Bryant
  • Blending: 70% Gay/30% Bryant
  • Release Timing: 100%

What makes this jump shot so effective is that you don’t need to be a “2k-God” to master it. This is one of the easiest animations to perform and one of the hardest animations to stop.

The 47/Gay/Bryant jump shot animation offers the greatest value due to an easy-to-see release point as well as a quick release to help get contested shots.

Best jump shot for spot-up wings: Curry/Gay/Parker

  • Base: Steph Curry
  • Release 1: Rudy Gay
  • Release 2: Tony Parker
  • Blending: 70% Gay/30% Parker
  • Release Timing: 75%

This jump shot is perfect for spot-up wing players because you’ll have a unique combination and a consistent release point, making this animation easier to release and harder to stop. In addition, Steph Curry has the highest percentage of base shots made throughout the game.

Best jump shot build for bigs: Randolph/Gay

  • Base: Zach Randolph
  • Release 1: Rudy Gay
  • Release 2: Rudy Gay
  • Blending: None (since releases 1 and 2 are the same)

One of the best jump shots for big men in NBA 2K21 is the Randolph/Gay jump shot, as it illustrates one of the more effective strokes for spot-up shooting scenarios.

What makes this animation so effective is that it’s easy to set up, maintains strong balance, and has a high release point to help you shoot over taller defenders.


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