The Royal Blunderer Michael Owen was ‘Mortified’ After Getting ‘b*****ked by the Queen’ for Getting Trapped in a Crowded lift with Her Majesty

Michael Owen has revealed he was “b*****ked” by the Queen for squeezing him into a packed lift. The football legend – who has been left reeling after his daughter Gemma entered their Love Island villa while covering England’s draw in Germany this week – was left “heartbroken” after her blunder at Royal Ascot.

Detailing the awkward encounter in his book, he wrote: “There were probably 15 of us outside when she [the Queen] got into the royal lift. “‘Come on,’ he said, ‘we can all squeeze in’. “I obeyed – took off my hat as I thought was proper etiquette.

“‘If you’d put your hat back on,’ he said, voice rising, ‘we could all fit!’ “I put my hat on numbly. I was mortified. To this day I have no idea if she was joking. “Louise on the other hand was trying to make me laugh because I was flattered by the Queen.”

The Royal Blunderer Michael Owen was 'Mortified' After Getting 'b*****ked by the Queen' for Getting Trapped in a Crowded lift with Her Majesty

The Liverpool and England legend, who also played for Real Madrid and Manchester United and owned horses himself, also revealed how he tried to ensure that pre-race meals at Windsor Castle His manners are impeccable.

He added: “I was careful to hold my fork in the right hand and so on. I needn’t have worried. The Queen was throwing bits of starter at her corgis!”

The former striker, 42, made the stunning revelations in his 2019 autobiographical reboot – My Life, My Time. Owen also suffered the sad sight of Paul Gascoigne arriving at Real Madrid with his football boots on. He recalls the time shortly after joining Real when Gazza – then 38 and retired for many years – suddenly arrived in Spain.

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Owen wrote: “I went into the reception area at Real Madrid and there, in front of me, was Gaza. “When I looked closer, he was carrying a pair of football boots. I thought for a moment: What? Have we signed him? “Then reality set in when I convinced myself that as good as he was before, there was no way Real Madrid would have signed Paul Gascoigne in 2005.

“All I can say is that Gazza didn’t seem to be in the most stable frame of mind. “As great as it was to see, there was something incredibly sad and sad about the image of one of my all-time heroes standing in reception at the Bernabeu holding his football boots.”


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