How To Make An All-Metal Toolbox

Make An All-Metal Toolbox: My friend Bob Lucchesi inspired this metal box. He used a similar one to tune up his dragster during his racing days. He will remove the engine’s carburetor and eight spark plugs and place them in a neat box to keep everything in order during the tune-up. With a backstory like that, this box would be a treasure in any gearhead’s garage.

Make a tray

Create five box panels using a jigsaw and a Bosch T227D aluminum saw blade. Cross-cut four supports from L-shaped lengths of aluminum. You’re going to attach L-shaped supports around the frame of the bottom panel to hold the sides and ends. Clamp the bottom supports to the ends of the boot tom panel, and drill 9/64-inch bolt holes through the supports where they meet the panel. Use a 118-degree twist drill bit to bore these holes. Bolt the end support to the bottom panel. Do the same for the side supports.

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Next, clamp the end panels in place, and drill 9/64-inch bolt holes through the supports and panels. Bolt the end panels in place. Complete the body by repeating this process with the sides.

Cross-cut the inner and outer corner supports, and drill 7/64-inch pilot holes in them and in the corners of your box to make a sandwich: inner support, box corner, then outer support.

Mount the support by driving sheet metal screws into the three pieces.

How To Make An All-Metal Toolbox

Add a handle.

Crosscut handle supports. Use a compass to mark the upper curve. Cut it with a jigsaw. Next, drill a large hole in each support to slide the handle through. Use a bi-metal hole saw or step drill, a conical bit to cut the notches (each notch creates a different size hole).

Cross-cut the handle using a plumber’s tubing cutter, available at most hardware stores and a good tool to have around. Install the supports by bolting them to the ends of the box, then slide the handle through its holes.

Next, drill two 7/64-inch holes through the handle, just behind each support. Cut the threads in the handle with the A6-32 tap. Fix the position of the handle in the support by threading machine screws through the holes. The box can now be filled with a carburetor, plug, or something low in grease.

What is the use of the toolbox?

A toolbox (also called a toolkit, tool chest, or workbox) is a box to organize, carry, and protect the owner’s tools. They could be used for trade, a hobby, or DIY, and their contents vary with the craft.

What is a toolbox in the computer?

A toolbox is a window or pane containing icons and buttons that are tools in the program. The tools are for quick access to common operations. A toolbox may float freely or be docked in the main window of the program. For example, Microsoft Paint contains a toolbox, including a pencil, eraser, and others.


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