How to DIY Lincoln Logs or legos Made From Scrap Lumber

Lincoln Logs or legos are timeless toys, enjoyed by generations of children. With a few tools and some stock from your woodpile, you can make your own Lincoln logs that rival any store-bought set.

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Drunken Woodworker from the Make Something YouTube channel, shares his project below. Start by doing some research on measurements from existing Lincoln log sets and modify your plans as you see fit. Start with any scrap 2-by lumber you have on hand and cut your pieces to 3 1/4 inch square lengths on your table saw.

How to DIY Lincoln Logs or legos Made From Scrap Lumber

Use a 3/4-inch dado router bit to cut your marks and use a backing board to prevent blowout. You may need to add extra pieces because they can chip. A bandsaw helps cut roof strips and eaves. Once everything is cut, sand it down and paint it whatever color you want. You can go with a traditional look using walnut stain for the logs and red and green paint for the ceiling pieces, or pick your colors for a custom design.

See the complete plans and kit list on the Make Something website.

What are Lincoln logs made of?

The toy sets were originally made of redwood, with different colors of ceiling pieces. In the 1970s the company introduced seats made entirely of plastic, but soon reverted to real wood.

What did the first Lincoln Logs look like?

The toy’s packaging featured a simple drawing of a log cabin, a small portrait of Lincoln, and the slogan “Exciting toys that show the spirit of America.” At a time when America was becoming increasingly urban and a wave of patriotism was brewing as a result.


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