How do you Make a Simple Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame is a modern craft often seen in plant hangers, wall hangings, and other decorative items. The technique involves tying a series of knots, which are essentially intricate webs, to create a pattern. Although knots may seem complicated, they can actually be quite easy to tie. The DIY macrame plant hanger shown here uses only two basic knots: wrapping knots and square knots. Once you learn these two knots, you will be able to do many different macrame projects.

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This plan is more of a “guide” than a pattern. Two sections of square knots create a basket that can hold a pot up to 6 inches in diameter, and you can adjust the length of the hanger as needed to fit your space.

Step 1: Slide the cords through the wooden ring.

Gather all eight 6-foot lengths of cord and slide them through the wooden ring. Center the cords so the ends are even, then use painter’s tape to secure the ring to a flat surface.

Step 2: Tie a Wrap Knot.

Lay a 2-foot length of the bone in a U shape on top of your bone bundle.

Tuck the long end of the cord around the bundle so it comes out behind the bundle and to the right.

Wrap the cord around the bundle until it forms a coil about an inch long.

Slide the wrapping cord into the bottom loop.

Pull up the short end of your original U shape. Doing this will pull the bottom loop into the middle of the wrap. Give both ends a slight tug to secure the knot, and then trim the ends.

Step 3: Tie two square knots on the two sets of cords.

Divide the cords into four sets four. Use painter’s tape to keep them apart. Starting with one of the seats in the middle, pull the outer cords away from the two middle cords (anchor bones). From the base of the wrap knot, measure down 8 inches and make a pencil mark on the anchor cords.

Pull the left cord over the anchor cords making a figure 4 shape. Place the right cord over the left cord.

Grab the end of the right cord and bring it up behind the two middle anchor cords and through the figure 4 triangle. There should now be cords above and below the anchor cords.

Pull both cords evenly and slide the knot up the anchor cords so that it lines up with the pencil mark. This is the left-hand half knot, which is half of the left-hand square knot.

To complete the square, you will need to make a half knot on the right side. Take the cord that is now on the right, place it over the anchor cords, and under the cord that is now on the left.

Take the cord sitting on top of the cord you just crossed to the right and feed it under the anchor cords and through the loop on the right. Pull the right and left cords evenly, and slide the knot over the anchor cords. You have now completed a left-side square knot.

On the same set of four cords, make another set of left and right side half knots (in other words, make another full left side square knot).

Step 4: Repeat the process on the remaining sets of cords.

Repeat this process until you have two full left square knots on each set of four cords. Make sure the knots line up as evenly as possible.

Step 5: Create the Net

Now it’s time to make a net to catch the pot. Separate the four groups again. From each of the two center groups, take the two cords that are closest to each other. Now you will tie square knots in this set of four cords.

Measure about 6 inches from the bottom of the back square knots and make a pencil mark on the anchor cords (the two middle cords).

Repeat the process of tying the square knot, starting with the half knot on the left. You will complete two square knots on the left side in this first set of four cords.

Do the same with the rest of the cords, tying two full left-handed square knots in each group of four cords, making sure the knots overlap.

The last set can be a little tricky. Simply move the remaining three groups of cords to one side, line up the remaining four cords, and tie square knots.

How do you Make a Simple Macrame Plant Hanger

Step 6: Finish with a wrap knot.

Using the remaining 2-foot length of cord, make another wraparound knot about 3 inches from the last set of square knots.

Trim the ends of the bone to the desired length.

Now your handmade macrame plant holder is ready to hang!


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