How to Make Good-Looking Log Rack Just in Time for Winter

Man, it’s cool. What kind of weather did we get out of here, a blizzard? Why don’t you reach into that log rack, pull out a split, and start a fire for us? Why, yes, thank you, it’s a nice log rack.

We built it out of scrap maple wood and scrap steel. Added a bit of wood stain but left the screws and metal unfinished so it would look useful. Not so utilitarian that it’s out of place in a pretty room, but, you know, a little rough. Brownie It’s a piece of furniture that says, I could navigate the tool shed in the dark but couldn’t find my way around Bed Bath & Beyond with an iPhone, compass, and map.

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Bend the upper ones.

First, find a friend. To make your wood-holding ladder, you’ll need to bend two pieces of 1 1/2-inch x 4-foot flat steel, which you can buy at home stores or, into U shapes, and you Can’t do it alone. Using bar clamps, align the first piece of steel along the edge of the old tire so that it looks like P [1].

Now clamp the rim in a large bench vise. Have your friend swing the long end of the steel around the curve. As it starts to come around, grab the bar and pull as your friend pushes. Once the steel is roughly U-shaped, remove any unevenness: clamp the U in a bench vise and look down the side to check for any vertical curvature. Use your hands to twist it.

Next, cut both ends of the U so they are even [2]. Use a hacksaw or circular saw with a metal cutting blade. Now repeat this entire process for the other U. Next, cut four crosses supports to length and drill 5/16-inch bolt holes in both ends of each. Use these holes to mark the position of the holes in our straight legs. If you have a letter-size drill bit set, use an I-size bit. Otherwise, use a 17/64 fractional size drill. Add threads to these holes with a 5/16-inch-24 tap and a large tap wrench handle [3].

Create a log base

Gently assemble the rack, lining up the parts with the carpenter’s rafter square. Do not tighten the machine screws yet. You will need to disassemble everything to finish it before the final assembly.

Debark two logs with a putty knife if the wood is seasoned, or with a knife if the log is green. Use a power plane to flatten the bottom of the logs [4]. You will remove about ½ inch of wood. Sand the logs with 60-, 80-, and then 100-grit paper.

Mark the place where the top of the U shape will sit on the logs, and mark the logs with a chainsaw or large chisel; Then smooth out the marks with a chisel or wood rasp if you have one. Where the rack meets the logs, mark the position for a 5/16-inch hole in each U-shape for a ¼ x 3-inch Spax lag screw. Drill each hole. Test the rack on the marked logs and adjust the marks if necessary. When everything fits, separate the rack.

Remove and assemble the holder.

Apply a coat of Rust-Oleum Pre Stain Wood Conditioner to the logs. When it dries, brush on a coat of wood stain. We used a corner shade of Rust-Oleum. Grind the metal parts smoothly using sanding discs and an angle grinder. Start with 24-grit and work through 36-, 40-, 60-, and 80-grit. If you want a glossy look, do a final sanding with 100 grit.

Finally, bolt the metal rack together and tighten the machine screws firmly. Grind the screws flush inside the rack with a 24 grit disc and smooth any rough spots. Use lag screws to attach the rack to the finished logs. There you have it – a new log rack.

What is a firewood holder called?

A firewood rack may be used to store firewood. A firewood rack is an enclosure in which you store wood to be used in your fireplace or wood-burning stove.

How do you keep firewood dry outside?

You can either use a log rack or pallets and posts. If the firewood isn’t fully seasoned yet, stack it bark-side down so the moisture can continue to easily evaporate from the wood. You can stack the logs bark-side up once they’re aged to naturally shield the wood from rain and snow.


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