How to Make a Best Coffee Table from an Old Slab of Wood

How to Make a Coffee Table from an Old Slab of Wood: Mike Montgomery of Modern Builds found this slab of wood at his local lumber yard. It was sitting collecting dust but he had the brilliant idea to turn it into a mid-century modern coffee table. This modern coffee table is a great example of how a raw piece of wood can be left largely intact to create a dramatic piece of furniture.

How to Make a Coffee Table from an Old Slab of Wood

Making this thing took more than a few stains and slapping on hairpin legs. A table requires two completely flat sides, but the old slab of wood was damaged and too big and heavy to fit through a planer. So Montgomery had to level the slab using wooden shims and then build a temporary planer using his router and wooden frame to support the project.

He made multiple passes on both sides of the wood and did a final sanding to achieve a smooth and even surface. He used Danish oil to seal and protect the wood and bring out the natural colors in the grain. Installing 16-inch hairpin legs finishes the table and offers an airy contrast to the heavy slab of wood.

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If you want to make something like this but don’t have a slab of wood big enough to make a coffee table, consider making stools and side tables using the same technique.


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