iPhone 7 headphones won’t work with a new Macbook Pro

iPhone 7 headphones won’t work with a new Macbook Pro: Beginning with the evacuation of the earphone jack on the iPhone 7, Apple’s port circumstance began getting somewhat aggravating. With the arrival of the new Macbook Pros, it’s deteriorated. There are lots of various dongles for various purposes however one little truth summarizes what is going on beautiful pleasantly:

You can’t plug the earphones that accompany your new iPhone 7 into your new Macbook Pro. You just can’t!

iPhone 7:

The iPhone 7 has no earphone port. All things being equal, it has a Lightning port, so Apple made earphones that fit into a Lightning port. Yippee! The Macbook Pro, in the interim, has an earphone port, yet it has no Lightning port.

Luckily, Apple makes a dongle that allows you to plug typical earphones into a Lightning port. Tragically, Apple doesn’t make its converse: a connector that allows you to plug Lightning earphones into an earphone port. Until somebody gets one ready, you’ll need to either go Bluetooth, utilize a dongle to utilize old earphones on your iPhone 7 or keep an additional set of earphones in your work area.

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As a matter of fact, connecting iPhone 7 pack earphones into another Macbook Pro is a particular use case, little enough that you can see the reason why Apple wouldn’t add an additional port to the Macbook Pro only for that. On the other hand, this implies even Apple’s very freshest gadgets don’t get along together, and the dongle that would let them doesn’t as yet exist. We’ve contacted Apple to check whether they anticipate another dongle.

Isn’t the future incredible?


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