Into the Breach Advanced Edition is Getting a Free Expansion

Into the Breach Advanced: Advanced Edition, which will be released in July, will also be available on mobile devices for the first time. From Subset Games, the developers of FTL come a turn-based strategy game involving mechs and bugs called Into The Breach.

To make matters even more remarkable, consider this: In our 93 percent review, we called Into the Breach “the most flawlessly constructed tactics” experience and named it our Ultimate Game of the Year for 2018.

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As of July 19, Into the Breach: Advanced Edition will be available, including five new mech squads, almost 40 new weapons, as well as more opponents and bosses. The game will also have new pilot characters with unique powers. “Unfair” difficulty, seven more language support, and two new tracks from composer Ben Prunty are all included in the Advanced Edition.

To top it all off, those who buy Into the Breach: Advanced Edition will be given a free upgrade to that version, which is now on sale for $10 in the 2022 Steam Summer Sale.

Into the Breach Advanced Edition is Getting a Free Expansion

When it’s published on Android and iOS devices, Into the Breach will also be available in the Advanced Edition. Into the Breach: Advanced Edition for other platforms will be similar to the mobile version of the game, but the mobile edition will feature a new UI “to enable an exceptional experience on tiny touch devices like phones.” In an interesting twist, the game will only be offered to customers of Netflix’s Netflix Games service.

In the past, Subset has made generous moves like this: When the FTL: Advanced Edition extension was released free of charge for existing customers in 2014, it featured a new race, ships, weaponry, subsystems, and in-game events. In the end, the “final” version of Into the Breach, an already superb strategy game, was produced. We may expect more of the same from the developer.


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