Learn How To Increase Attack Speed In Elden Ring?

Increase Attack Speed In Elden Ring: In a game like Alden Ring, every second counts. It can be another that can give you a great victory or a devastating loss. In order to make the most of your time in the game, it’s vital to land some quick attacks to whittle down enemy health. This guide on how to increase attack speed in Alden Ring can help you with that.

How to increase attack speed in Alden Ring?

The only way to “boost” your weapon’s attack speed in Alden Ring is to change it to a smaller weapon with less weight. There is no stat or item that can modify and increase swing speed for any weapon. Players need to choose a lighter weapon that is faster than heavier, slower-swinging weapons. Since lighter weapons deal less damage per hit, players need to land back-to-back attacks and make the most of speed.

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What are the fastest melee weapons in Alden Ring?

These are some of the best weapon types that aren’t heavy hitters but are small and good enough to land a quick attack or two (before the enemy puts your silly ambitions to rest). Assuming you’re using one-sided attacks, try out weapons from these categories and choose the best one for the build you’re going for. The speed of your weapon, along with the timing of attacks will make a big difference in the game.

  • Dagger
  • the claws
  • The fist
  • Thrusting swords.
  • The ax
  • Curved swords.
  • Katanas

Thanks to u/Maeno-san for the complete compilation.

Weapons used for quick attacks in Alden Ring

To go into some details, players can try the following weapons to deal damage quickly or even perform a perfect backstab attack. Yes, they have a much shorter range because the trade-off is a faster attack speed and more intense damage.

  • Royal (One of the best early-game weapons) (Dagger)
  • Blood Dagger (Dagger)
  • black knife (dagger)
  • blade of the blade (dagger)
  • great knife (dagger)
  • Bloodhound paws (claws)
  • Venomous Fang Claws
  • Grafted Dragon Fists
  • Experienced Prosthetic Fist (Fist)
  • Magma Blade (Curved Sword)
  • Eclipse Hotel (Curved Sword)
  • Scavengers (Curved Sword)
  • Astel’s Arm (Curved Sword)
  • Icing Hatchet
  • Uchigatana (Katana)
  • Nagakiba (katana)
  • Rivers of Blood (Katana)

This was for melee weapons but if you’re casting spells to eliminate enemies, here’s how to cut down on spell-casting time. In this case, there are two ways to do this – increasing the Dexterity stat and using the Radagon Icon Talisman. For more information on Alden Ring, check out our guides here.


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