Here are Inazuma Regional Animals Map Location In Genshin Impact

Inazuma Regional Animals Map Location: The Irodori Poetry: Part 2 Quest of the Hues of the Violet Garden event requires players to take 4 photos of 4 different animals found in Inazuma. This brings us to the question – what are the Inazuman territory animals in Genshin Impact and where to find their locations? Here’s everything you need to know.

Where to find Inazuma Regional Animals in Genshin Impact (Map Locations)

Here are some unique animals/creatures in Inazuma and where to find them on the map. This will help you complete the poem Ode to Friendship.

  • Beck Danocki
  • Red Find Unagi.
  • Electrocrystal fly
  • Garnished Unagi
  • Violet Ibis
  • Sunny Loch
  • Sunset Loch

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The best way to find their locations is to use the Genshin Impact interactive map. All you have to do is select the creature you’re looking for (from the options on the left), and it will mark all its locations on the map, making things quick and easy. Hover over the image to reveal its name and find its location on the map. Once you reach the spot, remember to slowly approach the area close to the animals as they may flee if they feel threatened.

Inazuman How to take pictures of animals.

  • To take a picture, press Esc to open the Paimon menu (do not use the camera gadget for this purpose).
  • On the left side, there will be a camera icon that you need to click on.
  • As you see the camera UI, point the camera at your target. In this case, it will be a unique Inazuman animal.
  • Press Enter to click on the image.
  • If it’s the correct animal, the search progress will update!
  • Once you’ve taken all the photos, go back to the lane. Now it’s time to help him with the poem Ode to Friendship.

Ode to Friendship (Thematic) Poem

You will have 4 options to complete the poem and there is no right answer. Players can pick any line and complete it. You will get all the rewards no matter what you choose.

Here’s everything you need to know about Inazuma regional animal locations and how to photograph them in Genshin Impact. If this article helped you be sure to check out our Genshin Impact guides on GamerTweak as well.


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