Ideas for Discord PFPs (2022) – Anime, Aesthetic, Memes, & More

Ideas for Discord PFPs: Your Discord PFP is your identity and many people are quite serious about having a profile picture that gives an essence of the user’s personality. Feel like you want something to do and looking for some Discord PFP ideas? I have just the list you need. Scroll to the end to find out how you can make your profile picture stand out from the crowd with some anime pictures, memes, or any other aesthetic.

Best Discard Pfp Ideas for Girls and Boys

My Account

Here are some aesthetics you can bring to your Discord PFP.

Discord Anime PFP

The most popular profile picture you’ll see on Discord is anime. But due to the large number of anime available, there’s no shortage of finding some unique characters, poses, and expressions for your PFP. You can either go for the smart and cute look of your favorites or you can go for the emo or goofy version of them.

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Cartoon Pfp

Ever wish the good old days of your childhood were back? The nod to nostalgia by posting a cartoon PFP on Discord. Whichever you choose – whether it’s Peppa pig, Gumball, or the Powerpuff girls – it’s sure to be the perfect icebreaker when you’re making new friends on the platform.



If you have Nitro, you can also put an animated GIF of anything you like. There are plenty of interesting GIFs with filters and distortion effects that you will find online. For those looking to grab attention, these GIFs are sure to grab attention whenever you send a message to the server. If you want to create your own GIF for added personalization, you can do so with the help of animated GIF makers. It will let you customize your PFP and make it exactly the way you envision it.

Scary or Scary PFP

Speaking of GIFs, if you want to scare the bejeezus out of someone when they first see your PFP, a creepy/creepy one will do the trick. Any GIF taken from the right frames of a horror movie or horror game can be perfect for this.

Mem Pfp

Have a meme as your profile picture? Add me to it! Choose an evergreen meme, angry face, or currently trending one. Whatever choice you make is bound to let everyone know how serious you are about Mim Lord. If you decide to get Discord Nitro, you have an animated meme PFP, even better!

Dear PFP

And finally, one of the best choices is to go for a cute PFP. The options are endless – cute cats, dogs, cute girl/boy photos, and even cute drawings. Pick the photo that resonates with you the most and adds it to your profile right away.

Hopefully, these ideas helped you narrow down the category of profile picture you want to use. If you are also looking for the best Discord names, you also need to check out this article. And for everything related to Discord, stay with Gamer Tweak.


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