Learn How To Update Roblox On PC – Step By Step Process

How To Update Roblox On PC: Looking for the answer to How to Update Roblox on PC? If you are not able to update Roblox on Windows 10 then you will find your fixes and solutions here. Roblox is a platform that continues to gain more and more popularity despite rumors of its shutdown. It also has a game creation system that allows users to create games which further adds to its popularity. It is currently available on PC, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. If you want to know how to update Roblox on Windows 10 and Roblox was not able to update, then this guide will help you.

How to Update Roblox on PC (Windows 10)

How to Update Roblox on PC

If you’re getting an error where you can’t update Roblox to the latest version, try any of these things.

1=Restart your PC.

Restarting your PC is an easy solution to update Roblox on Windows 10. Before that, log out from your Roblox account. When things restart, log in again, and hopefully, you will be able to update Roblox on PC easily.

2= Check your connection.

First, make sure your internet is working properly. For this purpose, it is preferred to use Wi-Fi or Broadband and turn off any VPN. Also, check your firewall settings to make sure everything is fine.

  • On Windows, search for Firewall.
  • You have to select Roblox and ‘Allow App through Windows Firewall’.
  • Go ahead and confirm it.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Start Roblox.

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3= Clear browser caches.

You need to tick Clear Cookies and Cached Images and Files on your browser and then click Clear Data to clear your browser caches. Once this is done, open Roblox and sign in. This should start the updates.

4= Reinstall Roblox.

One of the last resorts you can do to update Roblox on a PC is to uninstall and then reinstall Roblox. This should ideally fix any problems you have.

5= Clear the app cache.

First, make sure Roblox is closed, and then go to C:\Users(AppLocalData). Delete the folder named Roblox and restart your computer. You can do this when none of the other methods above work.

Check if the Roblox servers are down.

If the Roblox servers are down due to a shutdown or maintenance period, you may experience update errors. Here’s how to check Roblox server status anytime.

These were all different ways to easily update Roblox on PC. These are all tried and tested methods that work for Windows 10 so if one method doesn’t work for you, try another one!

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