How to Make a DIY Dust Collector Out of a Shop Vac

How to Make a DIY Dust Collector Out of a Shop Vac: Dust and dirt accumulate quickly in small garage workshops, but many dust collection systems are too expensive or large to install in small shops. A secondary option is to build your own dust collection system using shop space, which can be picked up for less than $100.

How to Make a DIY Dust Collector Out of a Shop Vac

Wood Whisperer breaks down the leading budget dust collectors, with the Dust Deputy Cyclone the winner. It also happens to be the least expensive, at $60. In addition to the shop blank that powers the system, and the Dust Deputy Cyclone that separates the dust, you’ll need some 2 1/2″ fittings, flexible tubing, clamps and blast gates to complete your new creation. Will be needed.

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Watch the video above from I Like to Make Stuff for step-by-step instructions for putting together your own dust collection system. Note: This system can remove a lot of dust, but to protect yourself from fine particles, always wear a respirator when cutting wood and follow these tips to remove more dust.


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