How to Dry Flowers: 2 Easy DIY Methods

How to Dry Flowers: Dried flowers provide colorful, long-lasting, low-maintenance flower arrangements without the need for water. Because they are dehydrated, their colors are muted and they can be more delicate than fresh flowers, but dried flowers still provide a beautiful display. There are many other uses for them, as well—here are a few ways to use dried flowers.

Keep flowers sent to you for a lifetime of memories, or buy flowers, especially for keepsakes. You can also pick flowers from your yard or garden for cheaper and more personalized results.

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Learning how to dry flowers is easy. There are several methods to choose from, most of which require little skill and few (if any) tools.

How to hang dried flowers

Air-drying small bundles of flowers by hanging them upside down is one of the oldest and most traditional methods of drying flowers. Hanging dried flowers is also easy, requiring few tools and little skill, making it a good method for those looking for an easy way to dry flowers.

This method works for roses, hydrangea, artemisia, love-in-a-mist (nigella), larkspur, statis, celosia, baby’s breath, lavender, sea holly, yarrow, strawflower, globe amaranth, bachelor’s button, style and many more. Works well. Wildflowers Choose buds or early blooming flowers for best results.

Step 1: Remove any excess or unwanted leaves from the flower stems.

Use a thorn strip to remove thorns and unwanted foliage from the flower stems, but you can leave some greenery on the stems if you like the look. They will dry, but too many leaves will increase the drying time.

Step 2: Group the small flower bundles and tie them with string.

Gather small bundles of flowers and tie them together with string, twist ties, or rubber bands. Be sure to tie them securely as the stems will shrink as they dry and may fall from loosely tied bunches.

Step 3: Attach the flower bundles to a stick, hanger, or pole.

Attach the bundles to a stick, hanger, or other support strong enough to hold them for long periods. Place the bunches outside to allow for maximum airflow so they can dry evenly.

Step 4: Hang the stick out of the way while the flowers dry.

Hang the cane outside where the flowers will not be damaged or receive constant light. Choose a dark, warm, dry location such as a utility closet, as the light will kill the flowers. It can take 2 to 4 weeks to air dry.

How to press flowers

Knowing how to dry and press flowers is especially useful if you want to hang dried flowers on a wall or put them on greeting cards. It’s an old tradition that dates back to the 16th century, and it’s still going strong today. While you can buy a wooden flower press or make your own, the process can also be accomplished using a heavy book and something else.

The best flowers for pressing drying have a layer of petals and flat faces, such as violets, daisies, vinca, one-petal roses, pansies, zinnias, delphiniums, plumbago, and esperanza. To preserve maximum color, pick flowers at their peak when they are just beginning to bloom.

Step 1: Remove unwanted leaves from the flower stems and lay the flowers flat on the paper.

After removing excess leaves from the flower stems, lay the flowers on absorbent paper such as newspaper, printer paper, facial tissues, flat coffee filters, flat cardboard, or blotting paper. Leave space between flowers to aid drying, and avoid using paper towels—their patterns can leave an imprint on the flowers.

Step 2: Place absorbent paper in an open book and then place flowers on it.

Cover the flowers with extra absorbent paper and place them in the book. Be sure to use a book that is large enough to fully enclose the flowers, and choose one that you don’t mind losing water to as the flowers dry.

Step 3: Close the book and weigh the cover.

Close the book carefully without disturbing the flowers. Place a weight on top of the front cover—another heavy book or two works well—and place it in a place where it will not be in the way for the 2 to 4 weeks it takes the flowers to dry.

Important tips for preserving dried flowers

Whichever way you decide to dry your flowers, you’ll want to know how to preserve them long enough to enjoy their beauty. Here are some tips to extend the life of dried flowers.

  • Keep them out of direct sunlight to prevent the colors from fading.
  • Choose healthy, fresh flowers for longevity – wilted, bruised, or damaged flowers will not last as long after drying.
  • Spritz the petals with unscented hairspray to help prevent damage and maintain their shape.

What is best for drying flowers?

Hang the bundle upside down from a hook or coat hanger in a dark, dry, well-ventilated area out of sunlight. Closets, attics, and well-ventilated garages are ideal spots. In 2 to 3 weeks (or even less if the weather is hot) flowers will be completely dry. Some colors may fade, but most flowers retain their original hues!

Can you dry flowers with a hair dryer?

To keep dust off your dried flowers, use a hair dryer on a low, cool setting and hold the dryer about 10-12 inches from the flowers. Store them carefully. To store your flowers, wrap them in newspaper and place them in a box or container, away from light and moisture.


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