How To Disable Helmet Cam In COD Modern Warfare 2

Disable Helmet Cam In COD Modern Warfare 2: In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, gamers will discover a variety of new features that will astound them. Here’s how to quickly turn off the helmet camera. Not only have developers changed the existing features, but they have also added new ones. For instance, in the past, you might view a death cam film from the perspective of the murderer in spectator mode. The cam put on the Helmet will now allow players to view their own deaths from their own point of view. You can use this tool to examine your in-game errors and enhance your gameplay. Not all players, meanwhile, are at ease with it and would rather modify the spectator’s settings.

How to Turn Off Spectator Mode in MW 2 (Disable Helmet Cam)

Here’s an easy method for turning off the helmet camera in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (COD MW 2). Players can even change the spectator mode to Game Perspective before starting the steps. They will be able to watch the spectator in the third person by doing this.

  • Launch MW 2 first, then navigate to Settings.
  • Launch the Graphic Settings tab next.
  • Then scroll until you find the choice for the default spectator camera.
  • Then, change the perspective from Helmet Camera to Game Perspective or just disable the option.


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