How to Make Ping Pong Cannon

Our first inclination was to make ping pong ball shooters out of wood and rubber bands. Prototyping was easy, but not very accurate. When the rubber band hit the ball, the ball flew in any direction. The gun was also not that powerful. Unless you used a huge rubber band, stretched to its limit, most balls didn’t fly more than two feet. Also, the further you move the band, the more unpredictable the ball flight will be. So we started.

Using PVC for the barrel greatly improves accuracy. And power is only limited by how much air you can pump into the chamber. This ping pong cannon can fire the ball up to 70 feet but not with enough force to cause injury. We confirmed this on our own, taking direct hits from different distances. Just be careful if you use it indoors. We accidentally broke a glass.

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After criss-crossing the PVC pieces to length, secure the 8-inch piece to your workbench by inserting the clamp jaws into the pipe. Use a slow and steady drill or speed bit to make a 5/8-inch hole for the tubeless tire valve 2 ½ inches from the end of the pipe.


Slide the tubeless tire valve off the end of the pipe and up the stem through the hole you just drilled. Pull the valve into position with pliers, being careful not to damage the threads. You won’t need glue, but you will need to make sure the top flange of the valve is completely out of the pipe.


Apply PVC primer to the end of the pipe near the valve followed by PVC glue. Do the same on the end cap. Press the parts together, then give the end cap a small twist to distribute the glue in the joint.


Lubricate the ball valve with a few drops of oil.


How to Make Ping Pong Cannon

Apply primer and glue to the mating surfaces of the ball valve, one end of the 8-inch pipe, and one end of the 6-inch pipe. Press the sections together and twist slightly to distribute the glue. Make sure you turn enough that the tire valve is not directly in line with the ball valve handle.


Run a length of peel and stick Velcro around the end cap and another between the ball valve and the tire valve. Wrap the corresponding pieces of Velcro over the bike pump, the same distance as the Velcro on the cannon. Connect the pump head to the tire valve. To operate, pump as much air as you can into the cannon, then turn the ball valve to fire!

How do vacuum cannons work?

A vacuum bazooka is a pipe-based cannon that uses a vacuum pump (often a vacuum cleaner) to reduce pressure in front of the projectile and therefore propel the projectile as a result of air pressure acting on its reverse. .

Is there a gun that shoots ping pong balls?

Deluxe Glow Blue Ping Pong Ball Shooter Moon Blaster Gun 


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