Learn How To Find Hidden Paths Via Illusory Walls In Elden Ring

Hidden Paths Via Illusory Walls In Elden Ring: While there is a lot to do in the world of the Alden Ring that is readily apparent when exploring, there are also hidden rooms and passages that many players have gained access to. Some have special loot while others have bosses that drop rare items that you might otherwise miss. Here’s how to unlock hidden passages in Alden Ring.

How to Unlock Hidden Paths in Alden Ring

What you’re looking for is an unreal wall, aka the invisible wall. Players need to hit this wall with their weapon one or more times and once it breaks, a new path to the secret location will be unveiled. You can also run into a wall to break it.

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How to find out which walls are breakable?

  • These fantasy walls are hard to find and they don’t stand out in any particular way that can grab your attention. If your gamer’s instincts jump to a certain spot because of how the wall looks, just give it an attack (or several).
  • If there’s no way forward in the area, try hitting the walls a few times and see if you’ve opened a hidden path.
  • The Law of Regression will also help you see through such occult walls because it “heals all negativity, removes special effects, and reveals duplication in all its forms.”
  • Many players are leaving messages about hidden walls, so if you’re playing online, you have a better chance of discovering them. Be sure to appreciate the helpful messages. But again, beware of troll messages that give you wrong information.
  • According to another player, Margit’s Shackle is also useful for revealing hidden walls.

Where to find illusions or invisible walls in Alden Ring?

If you want to unlock different items such as weapons, rune arcs, ash, fighting optional bosses, and more, these are some of the places where you should keep a close eye on the walls.

  • Academy of Raya Lokaria
  • Black Knife Catacombs
  • Kingsrealm Ruins
  • Sealed tunnel
  • Celia Hideaway
  • Volcano Manor
  • Three sisters
  • Roads and Catacombs
  • Witch ruins

Note that some are single-hit framed walls while others will require multiple hits. Had to hit a wall 50 times before it broke! Check it out here:


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