How to Make a Nightstand with a Secret Compartment

Make a Nightstand with a Secret Compartment: Plans that include secret compartments are best. You know it, I know it, but most importantly, Dustin Penner knows it. After coming up with a great build for a false bottom container made from little more than a 2 x 4, he designed a similar secret nightstand.

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This time around, the build is a little more involved, but the finished product looks as slick as they come. The table’s false top — which opens to reveal a very slim compartment ideal for documents or anything similarly thin — locks into place, so the table looks normal as long as it’s not. You’re not pressing the release button properly.

How to Make a Nightstand with a Secret Compartment

It’s a great design and a beautifully finished product. Just make sure you don’t hide anything you need quick access to unless you keep your bedside table top super clean.

What is the difference between a nightstand and a bedside table?

A nightstand is usually defined as a small, low bedside table that usually has drawers. A bedside table is defined as a small table next to the bed.

Should a nightstand be taller than a bed?

As a general rule of thumb, the top of your nightstand should be level with the top of your mattress, or about 2-4 inches taller. It is much easier for someone to reach up and grab something when they are lying in bed as opposed to reaching down.


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