GTA Online Shipwreck Locations: All Map Locations To Unlock Frontier Outfit 2022

GTA Online Shipwreck Locations: Do you want to get the Frontier Outfit? Check out our guide to all of the shipwreck locations to help you find that perfect new outfit! Small wooden shipwrecked boats can be found washed up on land along Los Santos’ many shores. These boats are frequently looted for treasure, including cash and EXP bonuses. This makes the boats worthwhile to seek out, but they also provide another benefit to players.

Each sunken ship will drop an outfit scrap. When you have enough outfit scraps, you can put them together to make the Frontier Outfit, a pirate-themed costume.

So, if you’re looking to go on a treasure hunt, this is how you can get the Frontier Outfit in GTA Online.

GTA Online All Shipwreck Locations

Shipwrecks can appear in 30 different locations in GTA Online. Unfortunately, each day, only one of these 30 locations will spawn a treasure chest. It is advised that players use a fast and airborne vehicle, such as a helicopter, to visit all 30 locations as quickly as possible. Below is a detailed map of all 30 shipwreck locations.

It should be noted that sometimes the boats are relatively hidden, so navigating across the shoreline to pinpoint the exact shipwreck location may take some time. If you hear a small bell chime, it means you’re getting close to a shipwrecked boat.

How To Get Frontier Outfit In GTA Online

As previously stated, players must interact with the one shipwreck location that contains a treasure chest for the day in question. You will be rewarded with 20,000 GTA$, 2000 RP, and the outfit scrap if you find the correct location.

Despite the fact that there are 30 locations, players will only need to collect 7 outfit scraps to complete the Frontier Outfit. In the Daily Collectibles menu, you can see whether or not you have collected today’s scrap. This method of assembling the Frontier Outfit will take at least seven days.


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