GTA Online Cerberus Halloween Event: All Exotic Exports Vehicle Locations 2022

GTA Online Cerberus Halloween Event: The Cerberus Freemode Halloween Event is currently live in GTA Online. Here’s how to play and a list of all Exotic Exports spin locations.

The Cerberus Halloween event is life after GTA Online’s weekly update and is inspired by the 1971 Steven Spielberg thriller Duel. The event largely resembles last year’s Phantom Car event. Only then, players can find Exotic Exports vehicles produced in different locations on the map.

Similar to the movie Duel, players participating in the Halloween event will be chased and terrorized by an Apocalypse Cerberus tanker truck upon entering the vehicle. The goal of the GTA Online Halloween event is simple: get the car to the dock. Here’s how to play GTA Online and every Exotic Exports spin location.

How To Play Cerberus Halloween Event In GTA 5

Players must be in a free room in GTA Online to start the Cerberus Halloween event. They have to be outside, on foot, or even in a normal vehicle. Unfortunately, helicopters, airplanes, boats, armed or specialized vehicles such as the Deluxo, Opsor MK2/MK1, or amphibious cars are prohibited during the event.

Additionally, GTA Online players must be online for at least 16 minutes to initiate a Cerberus Halloween event, with at least two players active per session (ie public or private) at any time of day.

Once started, the event will spawn an Exotic Exports vehicle with a driverless Cerberus, which the player will attempt to crash into when entering the vehicle. The truck is invulnerable and will only chase players when they enter the Exotic Exports vehicle. However, it is possible to destroy Cerberus after the event has run.

Once started, players must deliver the Exotic Exports vehicle to the docks for cash and RP as their reward (or die trying). The truck will follow them for 5 minutes, at which point the event will end. Regardless, players can still drive the vehicle to the post.

All Exotic Exports Spawn Locations In GTA Online Cerberus

These are all locations where the Exotic Exports vehicle will expand. According to YouTuber GTA series videos, there are 12 possible spawn locations. Here are the points we know so far:

  • Los Santos International Airport (Los Santos)
    • In the airport parking lot under Exceptionalist Way
  • El Burro Heights (Los Santos)
    • Next to the Auto Repairs shop
  • Mirror Park (Los Santos)
    • Outside Leroy’s Electrical
  • Strawberry (Los Santos)
    •  Parked at the Xero Gas Station
  • Pillbox Hill (Los Santos)
    • At Caesars Auto Parking lot
  • Vespucci Canals (Los Santos)
    • Outside the Liquor Store next to the Burger Shot
  • Pacific Bluffs (Los Santos)
    • At the Xero gas station
  • Harmony (Blaine County)
    • Parked outside Ike’s Propane
  • Grand Senora Desert (Blaine County)
    • In the parking lot of the Yellow Jack Inn
  • Grand Senora Desert (Blaine County)
    • Outside the 24/7 Supermarket
  • Grapeseed (Blaine County)
    • Outside the LTD Gas Station
  • Paleto Bay (Blaine County)
    • Parked outside Belinda May’s Beauty Salon on Paleto Blvd


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