Gotham Knights: Best Character For You To Play 2022

Here is the character you should choose in Gotham Knights. Gotham Knights allow you to choose from 4 different characters to play and many players want to know which one is the best. Each character in this game has a unique playstyle, so be the Red Hood who focuses more on power. Or Robin who can be more sneaky, everyone has a role for everyone based on their preferences. Not to mention that each character can have different interactions with NPCs. So in this guide let us examine the best Gotham Knights character you should play.

Best Character to Play in Gotham Knights

The best character to choose in Gotham Knights is Batgirl. The main reason for this choice is his similarity to Batman from previous Arkham games. We’ll get into the details of that in a bit, but here’s why you might want to pick a particular role:

  • Batgirl: Similar to Batman in her playstyle.
  • Red Hood: For its power and wide gameplay style.
  • Robin: For his sneaky playstyle.
  • Nightwing: For his cunning and quick combat.

Batgirl is – Best character to use in Gotham Knights

As mentioned earlier, Batgirl is the easiest choice in Gotham Knights when choosing her character. Starting with his Knighthood ability, which is Glide. This allows her to fly around Gotham in the same way that Batman did in previous Arkham games. In fact, even his weapon of choice for ranged attacks is Batarangs. He also has hacking skills that allow you to hack and use enemy turrets to your advantage.

But one of the biggest reasons you should play as him is his revive abilities. Her ability Second Wind allows Batgirl to revive herself. And if that’s not enough then with Vigilante Resolve, you can resurrect yourself. Overall she is the most balanced character out of the 4 so you should pick her if you are not sure about the others.

Red Hood

If you like to take care of your enemies from a distance, Red Hood should be your choice. To bolster his ranged gameplay, Red Hood also gets a skill called Focused Fire that lets you deal 4x the normal damage to your enemies. But it’s not like you can’t use it for close combat. He’s great in melee combat, just slower than other characters. And finally, if you want to add some magic to your game you should use Mystical Leap. This allows you to jump through the air as you try to move from one place to another in Gotham City.



Robin is a great character if you like to play sneaky. Like Batgirl, she also gets a bit of Batman’s playstyle. This is the famous inverted takedown that Batman used a lot in the Arkham series. His stealth is so good that you can even make him invisible for a while using the Cloak ability. So if stealth is your style, Robin should be your choice.


Nightwing is an interesting character compared to the other four. This is thanks to his speed and his fighting type. Its most useful ability is the Evade chain. This allows him to dodge enemies better than others. Making it a very powerful choice when fighting multiple them at once. So when playing as Nightwing, you have to enter combat, kill as many enemies as you can, leave and repeat.


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