Top 6 alternatives to the Google Pixel 6a

The latest Android HQ phone, the Google Pixel 6a, had plenty of features to recommend but didn’t blow us away. In fact, the battery life was bad enough that we’d stop recommending this phone, and might just steer you towards an older model instead. If you’ve been thinking about buying the Pixel 6a but want to study alternatives first, here are some phones you might want to consider.

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You want something unique: Nothing Phone 1

Before you even turn it on, the Google Pixel 6a is about to be seen. Google has come up with some very unique colorways that you won’t see on other smartphones, and the back design won’t be mistaken for an old Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. If you want a phone that stands out for its unique looks, you might want to queue up for the Kach Nahin Phone 1. Too bad it’s hard to buy.

You hoped it would be cheaper: OnePlus Nord 20

Google is tight-lipped on whether the Pixel family is a bargain offering or a flagship lineup. Last year’s Pixel phones were cheap, so if you were hoping for a less expensive device that’s solid all around but not too expensive, the OnePlus Nord 20 might be for you. The Nord 20 can’t shoot the same photos as the Pixel 6a, but the price makes it such a bargain that you can forgive the mediocre cameras and enjoy the bright display and fast performance.

You just want a great camera: Samsung Galaxy A53

You just want a great camera: Samsung Galaxy A53

Sure, the Google Pixel 6a has some nifty tricks when it comes to computational photography, but the Samsung Galaxy A53 has a simple camera with features you’ll actually use. The camera can recommend settings before you take a shot, and there’s a useful food mode that makes your food Insta-ready.

You like small but need power: Samsung Galaxy S22

If you like the Google Pixel 6a because it’s the smallest of this year’s crop of Pixel phones, you should check out the Samsung Galaxy S22. It’s also smaller than the Pixel 6a, and it blows away that phone in almost every way, especially in charging and battery life. It costs a lot, but there’s no doubt you’ll love the small form factor and flagship specs.

You need something mini: Apple iPhone 13 mini

Apple iPhones come in small sizes, and the mighty Apple iPhone 13 mini is the smallest of them all. Apple improved battery life for its latest mini model, and the phone doesn’t skimp on power in processors or cameras. You get dual cameras, including Apple’s awesome ultra-wide lens. You also get some goodies in the Pixel 6a, like wireless charging. The iPhone 13 Mini may be more expensive, but if you love the small phone idea, you won’t find much power in a small package.

You need more at this price: Motorola EDGE 5G UW

For a fraction of what you’d pay for the Google Pixel 6a, you can have a monster phone like the Motorola Edge, which is available on Verizon in a rare Ultra Wide Band (UW) 5G flavor. It’s a big phone, and it certainly beats the Pixel 6a’s battery issues. The camera isn’t the best, but the screen refreshes at an impressive 144Hz, giving the phone a great, premium look when you use it. The design is a bit standard compared to the Pixel 6a, but we found the phone very easy to hold and manage for a larger device. The screen is taller but barely wider than the Motorola Edge svelte Pixel.

You just want a better Pixel: Google Pixel 6

Do you wish the Pixel 6a was a little better in every way? Do you need more megapixels on your camera sensor? Then the Google Pixel 6 is waiting for you. Right now it costs just $150 more than the Pixel 6a, and you get a better display, much better battery life, and the same high-performance Tensor chip that the new Pixel 6a uses. If it is discounted on sale, it is definitely a no-brainer.


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