GameCube vs. PlayStation 2 vs. Xbox

The Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) at long last has some rivalry. Subsequent to standing basically alone in the computer game spotlight for as far back as a year, life got fascinating for the PS2 when Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s GameCube hit store racks in November 2001. On the off chance that you’re attempting to conclude which control center to buy, we figure out your disarray.

We realize you’ve been deluged with articles featuring the distinctions between the frameworks, however, the majority of those pieces were composed before the control center was accessible. We chose to hold off giving you our viewpoints until every one of the three control centers was in our grasp – and prepared to play.

We Want It All.

We had a chance to see the demos before the control center was finished and in stores. Microsoft and Nintendo held a few press occasions at which writers could play the games, however, PM felt it seemed OK to assemble each of the three control centers and make a practical proving ground. What’s more, who better to assist us with this shootout than the genuine

gaming specialists – young men?

We asked three self-broadcasted gamers- – Richard Goldstein, Anthony Tamalonis, and Matthew Weinberger, ages 14 to 15- – to put every one of the machines through its speeds and assist us with choosing any changes we might have missed during that multitude of discrete beta tests.

Testing, 1-2-3.

These folks have been sitting tight for the new control center since the center of the year before. “Richie had a clock counting during the time until the Xbox emerged,” says Elliot Goldstein, Richard’s father. “What’s more, we made him sell his other game framework on eBay before we purchased the Xbox.” Listen up, guardians. There’s shrewdness in those words.

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On the floor in a dim room, we arranged the PS2, the Xbox, and the GameCube before a 27-in. Panasonic Tau PureFlat TV. Close to the TV stood a heap of games. The young men were situated on the floor, eager.

To ensure it would be a fair battle, we involved a similar game for every one of the containers: Midway Games’ NHL Hitz 20-02, which was shipped off us in three organizations.

With respect to the game circles, both the PS2 and Xbox use plates the size of a CD, while the GameCube utilizes a more modest 3-in. circle.

With regards to the genuine specs, the Xbox is the most remarkable with a 733-MHz processor, leaving PS2 and GameCube in the residue at 295 and 485 MHz, separately. It likewise accompanies a 233-MHz illustrations processor and 64MB of complete memory. However, rather than dial-up capacity, the Xbox permits just a broadband association for Internet gaming.

Microsoft Xbox

The folks were particularly psyched to attempt the Xbox- – the most up-to-date of the three control centers – so we tossed in the plate and went to work.

At the point when the hockey players skated onto the ice, we were totally intrigued with the subtleties: the reflections on the ice, the promotions on the sides of the arena, and the detail put into the actual qualities of the singular competitors, even their shadows. “The image’s so clear and the countenances are significantly more reasonable,” said Richard.

Then, at that point, a game broadcaster’s voice, seeming like the genuine article, blasts over the music playing behind the scenes. “This evening in Dallas, the New York Rangers conflict with the Dallas Stars.” The game signal sounded, and the intensity was on.

The principal thing we saw was the manner by which the ice shavings flew from under the players’ skates. We could hear their edges cutting across the ice- – and the activity was frantic. “See, that person’s cap tumbled off!” Anthony shouted.


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