A Floating Ping Pong Table Will Make Summer Fun

This summer, if you’re heading to a favorite swimming hole or even your backyard pool, this floating ping pong table will be a summer hit. Made with simple materials, such as pool noodles, PVC, and a plastic sheet, it is easy to assemble. In fact, our build is so simple you could recruit an aspiring DIY tyke to help you out with your life.

This project will also teach a thing or two, most importantly the basics of cutting and tying techniques. And you get a new pool toy out of it too.

For children

Using a hand miter saw, cut two lengths of pool noodles to 24 inches and two to 48 inches.

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For parents and children

Find the center line of the plastic sheet by measuring 24 inches from the long end. Mark a point 1 inch from either side on this line. With a cordless drill and a 9⁄64-inch twist bit, drill pilot holes in the two marks. Use the same bit to drill a hole in the base of each end cap [1]. Place construction adhesive on the playing surface around the pilot holes and press each end cap into position. Drive a screw through the end cap and into the pilot hole [2].

To make the net posts, measure and mark two pieces of PVC pipe 3 inches long. Crosscut them on the miter saw [3]. Press each into an end cap mounted on the table.

Cut a piece of black mesh ribbon 27 inches long and 3 inches wide. Wrap a bit of ribbon around one of the net posts, then use a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon to the post. Extend the ribbon to the other side of the table. Wind the ribbon around the opposite post and glue it in place [4]. Press another end cap on top of each post.

A Floating Ping Pong Table Will Make Summer Fun

For children

Test fit the pool noodles to the edges of the game board. Once you’re sure they fit, glue each one to the board with construction adhesive. Drill 1⁄4-inch-diameter drain holes near each corner of the playing surface.


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