WoW esports finals give you an in-game title for watching

esports finals: The “Fearless Spectator” title may be used on your WoW character if you witness the future WoW MDI and AWC esports finals. Blizzard’s long-running MMO game, World of Warcraft, is no exception to the trend of turning popular pastimes into athletic events.

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Mythic Dungeon and Arena, two of the most popular WoW esports tournaments, are just a few weeks away from their conclusion. The Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) and Arena World Championship (AWC) finals take place on the 8th and 9th of July, respectively. However, it’s not simply about passively watching the action unfold.

WoW, players who link their Blizzard and YouTube accounts will receive an in-game accomplishment and a title for watching the grand finals of the competition. “Fearless Spectator” is a fun moniker to don as you make your way through group finder scenarios.

The MDI is a unique esports event that is not to be missed. The world’s best PvE teams battle to conquer the highest Mythic keystone dungeon in the quickest time. As a result of the league’s three group rounds, two teams from each event advance to the finals, where the remaining two teams compete in the Last Stand round for the two remaining slots. Both Baldy and Echo won their respective groups in Group A, while Donuts and Despair and Sloth were victorious in Group B. W Omegalul and LONG MING slipped through the Last Stand and into the fray.

Eight teams will compete in a double-elimination tournament for a $300,000 pot in the finals.

There will be eight teams competing in a round-robin style for the AWC title in a more typical PvP esports format. Later this month, a tournament playoff will be held for the top teams. The European servers’ Kungarna squad and the American servers’ Kawhi team both have seven victories apiece at the top of the standings right now. The AWC’s prize pool is a touch more enticing, with $700,000 for the whole season.

Some of July’s Prime Gaming loot includes three helmet transmogs that have been revived from World of Warcraft’s past, so you can look your finest while riding the new Dragonflight Murloc horse.


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