Elden Ring Invasion –Learn How & Where To Invade?

Elden Ring Invasion: Unlike the multiplayer in previous installments, Alden Ring introduces a new concept of PvP to the game. It is very easy to attack or be attacked by other players. This player can be either an NPC or a random player from another world. The player can either summon you to their world or invade your world using various materials. So, here’s our guide on how to attack and survive an attack in Alden Ring.

How to attack other players in Alden Ring?

  • Alden Ring not only allows you to invade the worlds of other players but also your friends.
  • You need to use Bloody Finger to explore different worlds to attack.
  • Make sure to be online when equipping and using this item.
  • It can only be used once per attack. So, use it wisely, or stack those fingers for more attacks.
  • While Duelist’s Frilled Finger sends out a beacon for competitive multiplayer, Torn’s Frilled Finger invites players to cooperative multiplayer.

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  • Speaking of attacking other players, all you need to do is defeat and kill a host of invading worlds.
  • Although the attacking player can use the white cipher ring to help, you will have the element of surprise on them.

Where to attack in Alden Ring?

Now that you know how to attack other players, you might be looking for the best places to attack. Since there is a quest that requires players to attack 3 times, players are looking for places for quick attacks. With the help of some Reddit threads, we managed to get the best places where you can invade. Mentioned below are some places where you can attack:

  • Head over the Siofra river towards the singing enemies to attack.
  • Outside of Redmane Castle, Raya Lucaria’s Academy, and the two Gargoyle rooms are places that players in the Reddit thread also recommend.
  • One of the other places you can attack easily and quickly if you’re at a high level is Dragon Barrow West. This is Grace’s site and one of the players in the thread suggested attacking the place.
  • Forth Shrine is one of the other places you can go for a quick attack.
  • You can also explore the Lyndell area for an attack. But to get to Lindell, you have to collect two Great Runes or complete a quest (defeat the champions of Fea) for Runny, the witch.
  • You can also get some luck for a quick attack near the Outer Wall Phantom Tree.

How to avoid attack in Alden Ring?

  • You can only be attacked by other players during online mode.
  • So, if you don’t want to be an attacker you can toggle online mode to offline in the launch settings.
  • You may also encounter attacks from NPCs.
  • If you want to get out of the attack completely, Alden is the only one to avoid the attack in the ring. That means defeating and killing the host of fingers invading your world.
  • You will see a red light on the enemies which indicate the attackers.
  • We recommend not relying too much on NPC enemies as they do not attack otherworldly attacking players. Thus it is entirely up to you to defeat these invaders.
  • You can call other players or friends for help by using the white cipher ring. This is one of the multiplayer content that asks your friends for help.
  • You can buy it from the Twin Maiden Husk at the Round Table Hold or from the Multiplayer menu for 800 Runes.
  • Be sure to ask for help to wear the blue cipher ring to be able to teleport to your world.
  • To purchase the Blue Cypher Ring, go to Twin Maiden Husk or the Multiplayer menu.

How to call other players to attack?

  • In addition to attacking other players, you can invite other players into your world to attack.
  • Use the Taunter language to send beacons to invite other players into the world.
  • These summoned players will be determined by your current power level and highest weapon upgrade.
  • The Small Golden Effigy will send a beacon for cooperative summons while the Small Red Effigy will send competitive summons to the player.
  • You can use Duelist’s Furled Finger to be summoned by other players in different worlds.

For more tips on attacking in Ring of Alden, you can also check out our guide on how to attack other players.


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