The Eddie Hall vs Thor stream is down as fans struggle to log onto the website.

Boxing fans were left fuming after Eddie Hall’s bout with Hafthor ‘Thor’ Bjornsson fell through. Viewers were expecting the event to be billed as “the heaviest boxing match ever”. But with less than 15 minutes to go until the first bell, the stream on Segi.TV was still not working, much to the chagrin.

To make matters worse for the pair, the Dubai venue was virtually empty.

Hall may be the first Briton to win the World’s Strongest Man title since 1993 and the first to deadlift 500kg, but it seems his first boxing fight didn’t go down well in the UAE.

Many fans in the UK were keen to see how it fared against arch-rival Thor, however, so they made their feelings known when the series failed to deliver.

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One fan wrote on Twitter: “Putting Eddie Hall vs Thor on SigiTV is definitely a big mistake, mine won’t even load.

Another added: “This Siggy TV website streaming Eddie Hall vs. Thor is the biggest piece of garbage. The website is not worth even one percent of the viewers this fight drew. What is it.”

A third said: “Turns out Segi. tv is just a dude sitting in the back row turning off his mobile phone. You can hear some ladies just chatting. The stream is horrible. Total joke.

The Eddie Hall vs Thor stream is down as fans struggle to log onto the website.

Luckily, there wasn’t much time left before 9 pm. Time to start, and the stream started working.

But technical difficulties were still encountered with some viewers who were only able to access the stream by using the incognito mode feature on their web browsers.

At one point only half the screen was visible and then the stream failed again before returning.

Once the series was set, fans got what they were waiting for – an entertaining showdown between two titans.

Both Hall and Thor were keen to settle the bout with knockouts and both landed big punches in the opening two rounds.

Thor needed the ropes to avoid hitting the canvas but bounced well and got a knockdown of his own in the final seconds of round three.

With a cut above each eye, Hall needed a knockout in the last round to win the match but it was Thor who landed a powerful punch to knock the Brit to the canvas once again.

The Icelandic giant dominated every round in the first round and that was enough to secure victory.


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