The Drew Sonic from Memory

The Drew Sonic from Memory: Sonic the Hedgehog, the first film starring Sonic the Hedgehog, debuted this weekend in cinemas.

Even when we were debating whether or not the hero’s delicate toes would ever be shown in a sequel, Polygon’s team recognized that we all wanted to sketch images of Sonic the Hedgehog! 🙂 As a result, we took action. This is what I recall.

Others have spent years honing every curving facial feature and pencil-thin appendage of Sonic devotion. Others say he had a hat adorned with a slew of spikes.

It’s up to you to decide who did Sonic the best. You have the last say. …But make sure to check out the artists’ remarks first!

Charles “Charlie” Hall

Before long, I’d figured out how to make Sonic spin, and I assumed it would be me.” That’s all there is to it. But I’m sticking with my spiky hairstyle. When he suddenly got a receding hairline, jeans, and just one arm, “everything went apart.”

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“Teeth. Teeth teeth teeth. Molars. Canines. Incisors. Teeth.”


When I was a teenager on DeviantArt, I had a Sonic the Hedgehog alter ego. This has enabled me to sketch Sonic the Hedgehog and most of his comrades from memory to a high degree of accuracy. It’s like a prank in a pub. When I meet new individuals, my friends expect me to do this. I always leave after drawing a Sonic on one of the store’s tablets.

I’m talking about Chelsea Stern.

A poor drawing by Sanic
“I believed I had the eyes under control, but as I got to his hand, everything started to come apart rapidly. Consequently, my Sonic the Hedgehog was going to be a vengeful demon with no legs. At most, ”

The Drew Sonic from Memory

Patrick Gill

“I’ve made a lot of sonics in my time. Archie Sonic Cover art was always superior to the actual artwork. “I didn’t succeed,” I said.


A few more submissions were needed since I was underestimating my geeky ass coworkers’ participation, so I thought it was important to “seed the plant-bed.”


“Sonic’s color scheme truly appeals to me. So, by accident, I turned him purple. “

This is the name of Karen Han.

In order to make Sonic even sweeter, what if he were to become more realistic?” We look at it using scientific methods.”


Starting with the eyes, I worked my way to the brow, the spikes, and finally the nose..” My issues began as soon as I put Sonic’s mouth in place. Underneath his nose, I drew a mouth. Since Sonic has a large head, I’ve learned. Starting to sketch out Sonic’s iconic, round-headed mug made me realize a grave error. It didn’t help when I tried to widen my mouth. I drew Sonic despite my disappointment, despite the lack of success. He has a round, bean-like physique. That’s something I think I performed well on. Even before I touched his gloved hands, his noodle arms looked awful, and by the time I reached them, my life and hope had evaporated. The fewer people talk about Sonic’s legs, the better. The shoes, on the other hand, were excellent work on my part.”


“Some feel sketching Sonic is more about capturing his essence than duplicating his original look. I give myself and this drawing a thumbs up.”




“I was inspired by lengthy Furby.”


“I forgot how arms go.”


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