How to Make From Scrap Materials To Create Beautiful Workshop Cart

A rolling utility cart is a great feature for a garage or workshop. They are perfect for holding the tools you need. This DIY utility cart has a Frankenstein element to it, as it consists of an old bed frame and tool stand. Table lift Workshop shares its unique upcycling project in the video below.

How to Make From Scrap Materials To Create Beautiful Workshop Cart

Solid steel parts make a solid foundation for almost anything to build and are a good project for your welding and metalworking projects. The bed frame is cut to form the sides and top of the rolling cart, and the legs of the tool stand are reused as the legs for the cart.

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To create the work surface of this cart, he used fence slats cut to size and finished with shellac. The final piece was adding the leather-bound handle, which was sewn together to give it a custom, hand-crafted look.

You can always buy a utility cart from the store, but it’s not as satisfying as making your own from recycled materials that can be found in your own home.


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