DIY Warrior Digs Out His Basement by Hand and Completes It

DIY Warrior Digs Out His Basement by Hand and Completes It: A YouTuber known only as Poppa has dug up an entire basement with just a Jack Hammer shovel attachment. and has made many trips back and forth to the construction dumpster.

At first glance, this 100-year-old basement looks like a crawl space. It is barely long enough for our fearless homeowners to stand on and is primarily used for storage. But the floor is full and carpeted, Popa says, so demolition involves breaking and removing the floor and then digging, which weighs between 40 and 50 tons.

The electric shovel makes it easy to dig up beautiful single parts, then edges them with a wooden frame and pours 300 bags of concrete into a sharp wall of the mix, which weighs 12 tons, by the end of the project.

DIY Warrior Digs Out His Basement by Hand and Completes It

Poppa also has to dig a way out, a window space with an easy way out in an emergency. This is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. And when Poppa shares the whole project in a light-hearted and enthusiastic way, he reveals that he is an experienced house flipper and professional home painter with extensive experience in DIY construction. It’s the most polished weekend warrior ever.

The exposed roof stays the same, and it makes sense because any drop to finish would mean more digging to get enough clearance to stay comfortable or swing the golf club. ۔

“Everyone said, we dug about 350 square feet, anywhere from a depth of more than 8 feet to a depth of more than 10 feet,” says Popa. After the excavation is finished, he lays a layer of gravel and plastic to protect it from radon. Brings in the truck for air circulation and concrete flooring.

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Throughout the video, Poppa mentions buying equipment and furniture from Habitat for Humanity Restaurant, a chain that sells used furniture and equipment at low cost and returns the income to Habitat. He says the entire project cost about ً 10,000, including more than 700 hours of his work and 80 friends and family.

“It’s well used – admittedly most of my son has played Fortnight,” he says.


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