Diablo 4 leaks show a controversial Diablo 3 feature is making a comeback 2022

Diablo 4 leaks: Leave it like a smart. A fresh wave of Diablo 4 leaks have surfaced online following a private playtest, suggesting a controversial feature from its predecessor is making a return.

In-game footage, screen grabs, and other pieces of information about Diablo 4 have appeared over the past several days, giving fans a first look at the upcoming action RPG. The leaks came after Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier revealed on Twitter (opens in new tab) that an early Friends and Family build of Diablo 4 has been released.

The leaks reveal several unconfirmed features of the RPG. Diablo 4’s character creator shared details on the game’s smart loot system and partial player trading on Reddit.

How smart is too smart?

A smart loot system was first introduced in Diablo 3, causing quite a stir among fans of the series. Essentially a targeted drop system, it ensures that the loot dropped by defeated enemies is tailored to your character’s class and stats. If you’re playing a wizard, for example, you’re less likely to find a crossbow than a range-focused demon hunter.

But his appearance in Diablo 4 has players divided. On Reddit, some believe this feature improves the Diablo formula by making it faster and more rewarding. This is especially useful if you know you’ll be sticking to the same class, as you’re likely to get lots of gear that suits your character.

Those who are less enthusiastic claim that the system encourages less experimentation. Players can build a strong character very quickly and be less motivated to replay the game with another class. With a constant supply of loot that suits the same character, changing classes becomes a chore since you have no hidden items to dip into.

Some players (opens in new tab) suggest that the Smart Loot system be scaled back to introduce a greater element of chance. Others dislike it together, claiming that it takes away from those unexpected moments when you find the perfect item by sheer luck or something powerful that completely pivots your character build. Encourages to do.

To trade, or not to trade

Restrictions on player trading have also been hotly debated. According to Lex, the less rare items can be bought in small quantities between players, but the most valuable loot cannot be given away at all.

Many people on the official Diablo forum have defended this decision. They hope this will avoid attracting unscrupulous players who will try to rig the market to their liking. Others (opens in new tab) have noted that the importance of player trading will be deeply tied to a smart loot system. If each player’s drops are tailored to their character, players will be less likely to receive items they don’t want to keep for themselves. This partially negates the need to trade gear.

While the leaks stem from an early build of Diablo 4, which could change quite a bit by the time the full game is released, there’s good reason to think these features will remain in place. Blizzard has maintained and defended the Smart Loot system since Diablo 3’s return in 2012, and Diablo 4’s limited trade system was also teased in 2019.

Diablo 4 leaks show a controversial Diablo 3 feature is making a comeback 2022

“The idea is that we have three different types of tradable items,” lead game designer Zavin Harutonen said during a Blizzcon 2019 panel (opens in new tab). “There is a class of commodities that can always be traded no matter what… and then we also have a class of commodities that are once tradable.

“We’re also thinking that the highest quality, most powerful items in the game should be things that you can’t trade. You have to earn them yourself. You have to go to those end-game dungeons and get that loot. You have to kill monsters to get it.”

Choose your hero.

Diablo 4’s character creator also got an appearance in this recent leak, with several screenshots and videos shared on Reddit (opens in new tab). Offering our first look at the cosmetic side of Diablo 4, they show off a character customization system that looks a step up from past Diablo games. You will be able to choose between different body shapes, skin tones and tattoos.


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