The Destiny 2 Bobblehead Can be Found in Sever Resolve

Destiny 2 Bobblehead Can be Found in Sever Resolve: With the most recent weekly reset in Destiny 2, a new Calus Bobblehead may be yours. Destiny 2’s weekly reset means another Sever assignment with new secrets for players to discover.

Once again, we journey into the Derelict Leviathan in order to aid our companions, who are battling a Nightmare Dominus Ghaul variant. New Sever missions come up when you complete the Derelict Leviathan public event Nightmare Contained and you will be able to continue the tale that began last week. A Calus Bobblehead is hidden within, as has been the case with previous Sever missions.

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For two reasons, these small knickknacks are essential: Completing the #1 Fan Triumph by collecting all of them first. If you want the Season of the Haunted Seal, you’ll need to complete this Triumph.

Eight Calus Bobbleheads were available to players as of this week, with the ninth one appearing in the Sever Resolve quest. We’re happy to assist you in finding it.

The Destiny 2 Bobblehead Can be Found in Sever Resolve

Bobbleheads of Sever Resolve

Simply run through the Sever task as you usually would and when you get to the ventilator section where you have to fight off a Nightmare Abomination and Scorn, you’ll discover the Calus Bobblehead on the upper left side.

You may discover the item by just boosting upwards before moving on to the next part of the task. It’s easier to locate it if you look at the photo below. And that’s all there is to it! More Calus Bobbleheads will become available as the week’s pass, and you’ll be able to collect them all.

Season of the Haunted is planned to last through August 23rd, so if you’ve been putting off this assignment in order to obtain the Haunted Seal, don’t panic yet.

CptZepos has put up a YouTube video lesson to help you find the Sever Resolve Calus Bobblehead placement.


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