CSGO: Here is the Best Weapon Skins Of All Time

Best Weapon Skins: Unlike a few weapon types, CSGO has a plethora of weapon skins to use. Weapon skins were introduced in the Arms Deal update. And there are many ways to get these skins. Whether it’s opening random containers, buying them from the Steam Market, or trading with other players. But these skins vary in quality levels, rarity, and values. So, here’s our guide to the best weapon skins in CSGO ever.

The best weapon skins ever in CSGO.

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to get skins for these weapons. If you ask me, the best way to get them is to buy them from the Steam Market. When you head over to the Steam Market, you’ll find the Dragon Lore AWP at a black price of $11,025.40. Alternatively, the shiny golden Arabesque AK-47 costs $2,335.

While these weapon skins may make your eyes dazzle with their design, they may not be in the price range for most players (including me). But since the price of weapon skins fluctuates on the Steam market, get a good deal before they go up in price. The different quality levels range from a factory new condition to a battle-scarred condition. So, be sure to check the quality grade of a friend before buying or trading it.

Some of the best weapon skins are mentioned below.

AK 47

  • Legions of Anubis
  • The empress
  • Wild lotus
  • unordered
  • Aquamarine Revenge

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Mac 10

  • Neon Rider
  • Disco Tech
  • Classical Crete
  • colorful
  • Candy apple

Desert eagle

  • Code Red
  • The Komicho Dragon
  • The mud
  • Blaze
  • The Crimson Web


  • Violation of Containment
  • Mortis
  • Medusa
  • Prince
  • Forest fire


  • Icarus Fell
  • Flashback
  • A masterpiece
  • Control panel
  • Hyper Beast


  • The Emperor
  • The Battle Star
  • Hellfire

That’s all that covers the best weapon skins in CSGo. If you like this guide, check out more guides in our dedicated section for CS Go on GamerTweak.


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