CSGO To Overwatch 2: How To Carry Over Sensitivity Settings

CSGO To Overwatch 2: Check out our guide on how to change or move your sensitivity settings from CSGO to Overwatch 2. While CSGO and Overwatch 2 are completely different video games, there is a common ground. That is, both of them are first-person shooter video games. But unlike CSGO, Overwatch 2 has plenty of chaos and fast-paced sequences.

On the other hand, the former has a tactical game setting that revolves around communication and strategy. Because of this, the two games differ when it comes to mouse sensitivity in the picture. That being said, many CSGO players are trying to get their senses up to OW 2. No worries, check out our guide on how to port your CSGO sensitivity settings to Overwatch 2.

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CSGO to Overwatch 2 Sens – How to Carry Over Your Sensitivity Settings

There are several third-party websites such as Aiming. Pro (link) and GamingSmart (link) can hide your CSGO senses. Along with Overwatch 2, you can also use these websites for a plethora of other titles. These include Destiny 2, Apex Legends, COD, Valiant, and more FPS video games. In addition to your mouse sensitivity, these websites may also use DPi to get the correct sensitivity.

Follow the steps below to convert your CSGO sens to OW 2:

  • First, launch CSGO and note the sensitivity of your mouse. For this, go to Settings and click on the Keyboard/Mouse tab.
  • Go to the above or a similar website.
  • Then, we need to carry CSGO’s sensitivity setting. Select CSGO in the “Convert from” option and Overwatch 2 in the “Covert to” option.
  • Now, you just need to enter your CSGO game sensitivity in the “Game Sensitivity” text box.
  • “1” CSGO mouse sensitivity for Overwatch 2 is equal to 3.3333 sense.
  • For advanced mouse sensitivity, you can also input mouse DPI settings to get accurate results.


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