COD MW2: How To Play In Third-Person Mode 2022

To learn how to play COD MW2 Third-Person Mode, read this article. In this brand-new COD feature, sneak around the corners and destroy your adversaries. The most recent game in the COD series, Modern Warfare 2, offers various features that have been substantially redesigned, such as water combat techniques and an updated vehicle system. The third-person mode is one of those components. This feature has sparked excitement among players all across the world because it was hardly ever included in prior Call of Duty iterations. The inclusion of this mode will provide players access to a completely new set of tactics and gunplay. How to play COD MW2 in third-person mode is described in this article.

How to Play in Third-Person Mode in COD MW2

There won’t be a third-person perspective in Quickplay or the Campaign game types. The 3rd-Person Moshpit mode, which is totally different, will be used for it. To prevent an unfair advantage, every player will have a third-person view in this scenario. The ADS will only switch to first-person if the scope is 4x or above, so bear that in mind while playing in third-person mode. With the ability to peek behind corners without being seen, you will be able to see more of the surrounding surroundings. The COD MW2 FOV slider adjustment feature was also included by Infinity Ward.
In Call of Duty: MW2, use the third-person FOV slider to:

  • Select Options from the Main Menu by clicking it.
  • Visit the Graphics subsection.
  • The ‘Third-Person Field of View’ slider may be found as you move down to the ‘View’ section.
  • You can change it to suit your preferences.

The FOV will be broader if you increase the setting from the default 80 to 90.
Many players claimed to be liking COD MW2’s third-person mode. The mode really has the feel of a whole other game. In this new mode, you will also be able to see your arduously earned Skins more clearly.


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