Chart of Omori Emotions (All Emotions)

Chart of Omori Emotions: Omori game, in light of the webcomics of a similar name by Omocat, has become one of the most commended pretending games since its send-off on PC back in December 2020. Presently with Xbox and PS console discharges, numerous players are checking the way that all feelings work in the Omori Emotion Chart. Today we will attempt to make sense of the battle framework in our aide. So with no further ado, we should get directly into it.

How Do All Emotions in Omori Emotion Chart Work?

Omori Emotion Chat shows a ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ style status impacts component for every one of the in-game battles. These status impacts depend on the ongoing feeling of your personality during a fight. A person’s or alternately foe’s inclination can be impacted by moves or goes after by different characters in the fight.

Chart of Omori Emotions:

Aside from Neutral (base inclination), your group or foe can be Angry, Sad, or Happy during the battle. Aside from these, there are higher-power varieties of these feelings in Omori. So Happy>Angry>Sad>Happy feelings, and Happy<Sad<Angry<Happy feelings.

The way how these rock-paper-scissors style emotions affect each other is shown in the Omori Emotion Chart.

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The way these stone paper-scissors style feelings mean to one another is displayed in the Omori Emotion Chart. You can get the outline right from the “instructional exercise” when you beat the Lost Sprout Mole foe. Then the “Legend” will acquaint you with the feeling framework utilizing this graph. You can see this Omori Emotion Chart we connected above for reference. In any case, to separate them further, this is the way they work:

Happy Emotionvs Angry Emotionvs Sad Emotion
Angry Emotionvs Sad Emotionvs Happy Emotion
Sad Emotionvs Happy Emotionvs Angry Emotion
  • Unbiased is the base feeling with any impacts during a fight
  • Blissful ascents “Karma” and “Speed” however drops “Hit Rate”
  • Furious ascents “Assault” yet drops “Guard”

Miserable ascents “Protection” yet drops “Speed” alongside harm to “Heart” in the type of “Juice”
As you can see from our outline above, Happy is solid against Angry inclination, Angry is solid against Sad inclination, and Sad is solid against Happy inclination.

Same way, Happy is powerless against Sad inclination, Sad is frail against Angry inclination, and lastly Angry is feeble against Happy feeling in Omori. So in view of that, this is the way they admissibility against different feelings and the harm taken during their higher-power feeling stages:

As a last speedy reference, here’s the rundown of buffs and debuffs you get while entering different inclination stages in Omori:

Blissful Emotion:

  • Blissful – Increases 200% Luck, 125% Speed, yet brings down – 10% Hit Rate
  • Overjoyed – Increases 300% Luck, 150% Speed, yet brings down – 20% Hit Rate
  • Hyper – Increases 400% Luck, 200% Speed, however, brings down – 30% Hit Rate

Furious Emotion:

  • Furious – Increases 130% Attack, yet brings down half Defense
  • Incensed – Increases 150% Attack, yet brings down 30% Defense
  • Enraged – Increases 200% Attack, yet brings down 15% Defense

Miserable Emotion:

  • Miserable – Increases 125% Defense, however, brings down 80% Speed and 30% harm changes into Juice
  • Discouraged – Increases 135% Defense, however, brings down 65% Speed and half harm changes into Juice
  • Hopeless – Increases 150% Defense, however, brings down half Speed, and 100 percent harm changes into Juice
  • That is about how all feelings work in the Omori Emotion Chart. While you are here, make a point to look at our Video Game Guides for additional tips and deceives like this in every one of the most recent famous games.


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