How To Change Display Name In COD MW2 (2022)

Change Display Name In COD MW2: Check out the steps to change your name in COD Modern Warfare 2. We all have a gamer tag that we use in online games and, for the most part, it’s the same everywhere. If you want to use a different display name in COD Modern Warfare 2, thankfully the game allows you to change it. If you are bored with your current name, you can switch to another name, but there is a certain period for which you have to wait until you can change it again. Here’s everything you need to know about changing your name in MW2.

How to Change Name in COD Modern Warfare 2

How to Change Name in COD Modern Warfare 2
  • From the main menu, go to Game Settings.
  • Next, click on Account and Network.
  • Under that, find your “Activision account” and click the arrow next to it.
  • You will now see your current COD MW2 display name and your corresponding email.
  • Click the Rename Display button.
  • Now, you will see your current display name as well as the remaining tokens. Note that you get 1 renaming token every 6 months. This means you can only change your display name once every 6 months, so choose wisely.
  • Enter your favorite new MW2 name, confirm it, and here’s how to change the display name in COD Modern Warfare 2.
  • Be sure to restart your device to apply the changes to your Activision account.

0 Tokens Remaining

If you see a notification that says there are 0 tokens left, it’s because you’ve already used tokens to change your name. Unfortunately, you’ll have to stick with the current display name until the cooldown period ends. After 6 months, you will be able to change it again.

That’s all about renaming your display. For more information on the game, don’t miss our MW2 guides on GamerTweak. We have safe cheats, bug fixes, and more to help you on your adventure.


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