This cassette-using camcorder is so terrible that it’s actually impressive

camcorder-audio-cassettes: In 1987, Fisher Price chose to make the video-production monster known as the PXL-2000. It cost $180, only one-10th the cost of your typical VHS camcorder at that point, and keeping in mind that it’s generally expected to compromise for a markdown gadget like this, the PXL-2000 takes it to a new and momentous level.


Here, The 8-Bit Guy separates precisely why this camcorder was so special and furthermore so incredibly, terrible.

The PXL-2000’s most remarkable whimsy is that it utilizes sound tapes rather than the standard VHS tapes. As The 8-Bit Guy brings up, this implies the camcorder would have considered only three-and-a-half minutes of recording on each side of the tape, as it would have to record at multiple times a tape’s typical speed.

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The video quality is totally horrible — verging on unusable — at 120×90 pixels. It’s almost difficult to utilize the camera inside, and the clamor of the tape component makes the inherent mouthpiece almost trivial. Despite the fact that it is expected to be a youngster’s toy, it’s likewise a bad dream for guardians since the PXL-2000 takes 72 twofold A batteries just to film two hours of film.

It’s really amazing the way in which terrible this camera is, but at the same time that makes it extraordinary — and why it presently sells for many dollars on the web.


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